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NSS Core O&M Engineer

May 31, 2023 | Telecom Engineers & Technicians | 1 positions in Phnom Penh

Job responsibilities

This role is responsible to plan, operate, manage, and maintain circuit core switching and signalling platforms with minimal interruption, including installation, configuration, securing, monitoring & troubleshooting, system expansion, optimization, and upgrade in accordance with SLAs.

  1. Carries out the full range of defined operational tasks associated with CS and IMS Cores.
    • Perform core operational tasks covering O&M, licenses/NE version upgrades, reporting, capacity expansion, site on-air and rehoming, preventive maintenace, etc.
    • Participates in feasibility studies on strategic and tactical plans, design, and evaluation of network services/technology for current and future network development.
    • Responsible for the daily performance and availability of the company's networks and services, including, internet and data, International Roaming Signaling, voice/SMS/USSD, IMS, and Enterprise PBX links.
    • Operate and manage hardware and platform: MSC/MGW/iGWB, ATS/CSC/SBC, HSS, SPS/STP/DRA; network interfaces such as, Iu, A, SGs, C/D/E, ISUP, SIP, and so on.
  2. Collaborates with CMO's departments to support and work with:
    • Consumer Proposition and Devices on integrating, testing, launching, and maintaining of VAS products and services; testing and certifying SIM/eSIM and liaise with SIM/eSIM vendors; testing and certifying smart devices on Smart's network and issue TA; support technical solutions and create feasibility study for new services/products under the supervision of an immediate supervisor.
    • Enterprise Sales deparment on integrating, testing, launching, and maintaining of PBX services; provide after-sales support to clients.
    • International Business department on integrating, testing, launching, and maintaining of international roaming GRx/IPX signaling and bearer, Roaming, troubleshooting and supporting roaming-related issues.
    • Customer Experience and Digital Touchpoints department on resolving complaints regarding internet and data, data roaming; Take personal ownership of customer’s issues, and follow problems through to resolution, ensuring complete and thorough solutions for both internal external customers.
  3. Collaborates with CIO's departments to work with:
    • Cybersecurity to patch security vulnerabilities.
    • CRM and Billing on troubleshooting services and complaints; dealing with CDR discrepancies.
  • DevOps department on configuring new services, testing and troubleshooting services, and so on
  • Service Enablement on designing, creating, and testing new service provisioning logics; troubleshooting services: data charging issues, etc.
  • Collaborates with CFO's departments to work with:
  • Revenue Assurance and Fraud to resolve RA tickets to minimize fraud and recover revenue loss, perform reconciling of subs profiles, CDR maintenance, and support other inquiries related to network issues.
  • Participates in projects and attends project meetings
  • Carry out action items/issues and complete action items (to the appropriate level)
  • Operations, support, and standby.
  • Participates in 24-hour support on any emergency inquiries.
  • Participates in on-call rotation and out-of-hours operations and maintenance.
  • Carries out approved, critical operations at night and ensures operations are done in a complete manner and under the supervision of IS.
  • Problem-solving and root cause finding.
  • Prioritises and diagnoses network and platform alarms.
  • Monitors, identifies, assesses, and manages risks and issues which might impact the availability of the running system and communicates with vendors to mitigate such risks.
  • Liaise with the vendor to troubleshoot advanced technical problems and recover service on time and within SLA.
  • Develop and create network KPI reports.
  • Maintain, prepare, and follow processes for reporting, statistically monitoring, and logging network performance, ensuring reports are up-to-date
  • Carries out periodical telecom services tests as/when required.
  • Support other departments to troubleshoot issues and hygienic services tests.
  • Perform other tasks as required by the immediate supervisor, the Head of the department.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor degree's in Telecom, IT, Computer Science and Engineering, and other related disciplines.
  • Be able to communicate in English both writing and speaking.
  • Minimum 2+ years of work experience in relevant fields.
  • End-to-End Technical View (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to understand the telecommunications industry, the end-to-end architecture, value chain, systems and interconnect/inter-operation including process flows from customer to service in support of service delivery and the services from the customer demand to the delivery, in the context of your domain of expertise.
  • Change Management (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to define and manage processes for deploying and integrating new digital capabilities into the business in a way that is sensitive to and fully compatible with business operations.
  • Quality Assurance (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to ensure that the agreed quality standards within an organization are adhered to and that best practice is promulgated throughout the organization.
  • Process Improvement (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to understand business processes, and improve internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and methods to make the unit more efficient
  • Networks and service platform architecture design (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to design or modify network and service platform architecture(s) according to a high-level network plan
  • Networks and service platform engineering (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to implement networks and service platforms based on a given architecture
  • Networks and service platform roll-out (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to build, roll out or update telecommunications networks and service platforms
  • Networks and service monitoring (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to diagnose technical problems and ensure continuous improvement of both the quality of service delivered and the network's operational efficiency
  • Radio access network management (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to effectively manage the radio access network
  • Operations and Maintenance (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to maintain telecommunications systems and equipment to ensure effective operational performance and continuity of service
  • Circuit switching technology (Advanced): Knowledge and ability to design, install, bring online, operate, optimize, and maintain circuit-switched networks
  • Packet switching technology (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to design, install, bring online, operate, optimize, and maintain packet-switched networks
  • IP networks (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to design, install, bring online, operate, optimize, and maintain IP networks
  • Communication Skills (Foundational): Knowledge and ability to impart or exchange information by verbal, written, or other means
  • Problem-Solving (Troubleshooting) (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to analyze problems, identify the root cause, establish cause-and-effect linkages, and propose solutions
  • Customer Oriented (Intermediate): Knowledge and techniques related to understanding and delivering value to the customer.
  • Analytical Ability (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to understand, evaluate, interpret, and analyze data.
  • Vendor/Stakeholder Management (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to manage all internal and external parties who are involved in the delivery of required services and/or technology.
  • Digital Literacy (Intermediate): Knowledge and ability to make use of digital technology in support of work functions.

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