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Our Smart M2M plans allow you to remotely connect to smart devices, such as smartwatches, security cameras and alarms, via physical SIM cards and eSIMs.​

Benefits of Smart M2M Plans​

Smart M2M Plans​

Plan Smart M2M
Standard 6
Smart M2M
Standard 12
Smart M2M
Pro 6
Smart M2M
Pro 12
SIM Card FREE Standard number
Data/Month 2,000MB 2,000MB 5,000MB 5,000MB
Validity 6 months
(180 days)
12 months
(360 days)
6 months
(180 days)
12 months
(360 days)
Plan Fee 10 USD 18 USD 15 USD 25 USD

Smart M2M Extra Add-Ons​

Extra Add-On Smart M2M Extra Add-On SMS Smart M2M Extra Add-On Minutes Smart M2M Extra Add-On Data
Package Fee 50 Cents 1 USD 50 cents 1 USD 1 USD 2 USD
Monthly Benefit 500 on-net SMS 1,000 on-net SMS 100 on-net min 300 on-net min 2000MB 5000MB
Validity 30 days
Subscription Code *1712*1#
or *1712*M2Mnumber*1#
or *1712*M2Mnumber*2#
or *1712*M2Mnumber*3#
or *1712*M2Mnumber*4#
or *1712*M2Mnumber*5#
or *1712*M2Mnumber*6#
Cancel Subscription Code *1200#
or *1712*1*0#
or *1712*M2M number*1*0#
or *1712*2*0#
or *1712*M2M number*2*0#
or *1712*3*0#
or *1712*M2M number*3*0#
or *1712*4*0#
or *1712*M2M number*4*0#
or *1712*5*0#
or *1712*M2M number*5*0#
or *1712*6*0#
or *1712*M2M number*6*0#
Check Balance *1712*888#, *1712*M2M number*888# or SmartNas
Auto-Renewal Yes

Terms & Conditions

  • Smart M2M plans can only be purchased at a Smart Shop or through our Sales Team at 1204.​
  • Smart M2M plan data is designed for IoT devices, such as GPS machines, security cameras, smartwatches and alarms, and cannot be used by mobile phones.​
  • Smart M2M plans will automatically renew every 6 months (180 days) or 12 months (360 days) depending on the plan.​
  • Subscribers who wish to switch from a prepaid plan to Smart M2M must visit a Smart Shop. Upon switching, all previous plan benefits will be removed and the terms and conditions of Smart M2M will apply.​
  • Smart M2M subscribers cannot activate or subscribe to other prepaid services such as SurfLikeCrazy and TalkLikeCrazy. However, they can purchase Smart M2M Extra Add-Ons.​
  • To check the status of their Smart M2M plan, subscribers can dial *1712*888# or *1712*M2M number*888#.​
  • After 30 days of a subscriber’s Smart M2M plan being inactive due to non-renewal of service, the subscriber’s number will be recycled.​

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