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FREE special account number

Available to both new and existing users

FREE 4GB data*

This exclusive offer is brought to you by ABA Bank and Smart. New and existing ABA users can claim a FREE special ABA Bank account number that matches their Smart phone number for FREE, no matter the price of the account number!

  • The FREE special bank account number is available to new and existing ABA Bank app users as long as their Smart number is registered in the app. ​
  • New users who have not already registered an account or never used the ABA Bank app will receive 2GB data for FREE after successfully claiming a special account number. ​
  • ABA Bank app users can get another 2GB data for FREE if they e-top up any amount via the app within their first 30 days of registering in the app.​

Terms & Conditions

  • The ABA Bank app can be downloaded here: [LINK]​
  • To get the special ABA Bank account number, both new and existing users must register their Smart number in their ABA Bank app.​
  • Only bank account numbers that have not already been purchased are available. If a bank account number has already been purchased, it will not be available through this offer. ​
  • New users who successfully claim their free special account number will receive 2GB data free. It can be used immediately. ​
  • New users will also receive 2GB data free if they e-top up their Smart number via the ABA Bank app within 30 days of registering in the app. ​
  • Existing ABA Bank users are not eligible to receive free data through this offer. ​
  • For more information, please contact our 24-hour customer service at 1204.​

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