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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device or computer. Cookies are used to remember you and collect information of a non-personal nature. They automatically collect non-personal information about you when you visit a site, allowing the host website to deliver a more personalized experience.

How does Smart use cookies?

At Smart, we use cookies in different ways, but all for the same reason: to provide a personalized experience. We use cookies to:

  • Understand how you use our website.
  • Remember your preferences.
  • Promote Smart plans and services that are most relevant to you.
  • Deliver relevant advertising.

This enables us to help you find the right plans and services by recommending products based on the non-personal information we have gathered about you from our cookies.

Information we collect from you with our cookies allows us to evaluate how our site is being used, which services are most popular, and how best to display advertising.

What cookies do we use?

  • Essential (first-party cookies) – These cookies are required to provide you with the services you request. They enable you to stop seeing our Smart advertisement banner when you click close, for example.
  • Performance (third-party cookies) – This type of cookie is used to measure and record how often you visit our website and what you do and view, such as plans and services. With this information, we are able to better understand our customers and users. Ultimately, this allows us to provide you with a better experience and better services. We also use third-party cookies to improve the performance of your journey and enhance your experience. The Google Analytics cookie provides us with information and data related to your journey between different pages and any various downloads.
  • Advertising (third-party cookies) – These cookies collect data about your visit to our website, such as what content you viewed, what links you clicked on, what device you used, etc. This helps us to provide better targeted content and advertisements.

How do we use cookies for advertising?

Smart only collects non-personal information with our cookies, such as your IP address. We never share information we gather from cookies with any other businesses for marketing purposes.

We always want to help our customers find the right plans and services for them, and with cookies, we are more able to do so. By using information gathered by our cookies, such as your activity on and navigation of our site, we can better understand your preferences and what you want, and tailor our advertising of products and services accordingly.

You can manage and disable cookies in your web browser’s settings if you do not wish to enable the sharing of your data.

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