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What is Smart CheckinMe?​

Smart CheckinMe is a digital, easy-to-use employee management solution that every business needs. It can help reduce costs, boost profitability and save time in daily operations.​

​The service allows business owners to manage requests, monitor attendance and view performance reports. Accessed via a dedicated app, you can also set KPIs and evaluate the sales activity of each employee.​

Log attendance via QR code

Receive attendance notifications on Telegram

Track real-time locations and sales

Get automatically generated reports

Service features:

No paperwork and saves time.
Secure, organized data management.
Employee performance and attendance on one platform.
Salaries automatically calculated based on performance.
App check-in available for remote staff.
In-depth employee data.
Holiday and leave management.

Choose the plan you want:

Packages​ Basic Attendance Standard CRM Premium Attendance + CRM
12 months price​ 150 USD​ 350 USD​ 430 USD​
6 months price​ 90 USD​ 190 USD​ 250 USD​
Capacities​ 1​​ Location​ 1 Location​ 1 Location​
30 Employees​ 30 Employees​ 30 Employees​

Extra Capacities:

Packages 5 Employees 10 Employees 20 Employees 30 Employees 40 Employees
Price Per Year​ 25 USD​ 40 USD​ 70 USD​ 100 USD​ 125 USD​

Packages​ 1 Location
(20 Employees)
2 Location
(40 Employees)
3 Location
(60 Employees)
4 Location
(80 Employees)
5 Location
(100 Employees)
Price Per Year​ 120 USD​ 200 USD​ 280 USD​ 360 USD​ 400 USD​

Terms & Conditions

  • Within 30 days prior to the expiry of your package plan of the Product, Smart will contact you for the package plan renewal and you are required to pay the renewal package plan prior to its expiry. Smart is not liable for any unavailability of the Product due to your failure to make the payment on time.​
  • Smart grants to you and you accept from Smart a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and use the Product solely for your internal business use and for lawful purposes. You must not use the Product on behalf of the third parties who are not mentioned in this Agreement. In particular, you are not allowed to resell the Product to any third parties.​
  • You are obligated to inform Smart immediately in the event of a problem/ an error alert on the System. You must grant access for Smart team to enter the area/space where the maintenance is required technically.​
  • SMART ​
  • Smart is not responsible for any mistake or error that is caused by your own devices (including, but not limited to, computers or printer or internet) and/or any other data input by you, and beyond our controls. As the Product, Smart will provide a QR Code, Software and Mobile Application to you. In the case of requesting for another new QR Code, you agree to pay an additional fee for each QR Code. ​
  • All information furnished or made available by you to Smart in connection with the subject matter hereof shall be held in confidence by Smart. Smart agrees not to use (directly or indirectly), or disclose to others, such information without your prior written consent, excluding Smart data control system.​
  • Smart will provide a training course for the Product to you. In the case of requesting for a new training course, the additional fee will be charged (excluding the event of the system error and requiring immediate support from Smart)​

Contact Us​

To check out the full package offers, contact us at 010 200 888 or [email protected] and our team will guide you to the plan most suitable for your business needs.​​​

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