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What is Smart Sponsored Data?
Smart Sponsored Data gives your customers unlimited access to your business, enhancing customer engagement.

Your customers can use your app and access your website for FREE, so they’ll never have to worry about using their own data or balance to make a purchase or browse your offers.

Key benefits for your business:

  • Current and potential customers can access your company’s app and website for FREE.
  • Enhances your market exposure and improves commercial visibility.

Our Partner :

How much does it cost?​

For information about pricing and implementation, please email us at [email protected]  

Terms & Conditions

  • Smart Sponsored Data provides free access to specific IP addresses defined by the company that sponsors the data traffic.​
  • Smart Sponsored Data only enables free access to a business’s websites and apps for active Smart customers. ​
  • Smart Sponsored Data is only available for domestic use. ​
  • Active Smart customers can also access the apps and websites of a business with Smart Sponsored Data for free via tethering.​
  • The sponsor or PIC will receive an SMS notification when a business’s Smart Sponsored Data allowance reaches 90% and 100% consumption.​

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