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SmartRoam allows you to access the Internet without changing your SIM card. With over 350 roaming partners worldwide across more than 170 countries, you’ll always be connected. 

You won’t need to activate or manually search networks, as your Smart SIM will automatically connect you to one of our partners wherever you are. And no matter which network partner you connect to in another country, you’ll always be charged at the same rate. One country, one rate! 

For Smart postpaid customers, please contact our corporate sales team.

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  • One country, one rate!
  • Easy to use – simply dial +(country code)(phone number) and remember to remove the “0” at the start of the phone number you’re dialing.
  • Available for incoming calls, local calls and calls back to Cambodia.

Terms & Conditions

  • The SmartRoam service is active by default on all Smart prepaid SIM cards. No activation is required; you simply need to reach the price cap in any country listed to be able to use unlimited data for free.
  • The SmartRoam service follows Cambodian time, regardless of the country a subscriber is in.
  • If you live close to the border of a neighboring country, you may attach to that country’s network automatically.
  • You must use the country code to call within the country you’re visiting, or back to Cambodia. Just remember to remove the ‘0’ at the start of the phone number. For example:
  • Available for incoming calls, local calls and calls back to Cambodia. Calls to other countries are charged between 1 USD/minute and 6.60 USD/minute.
  • If you enter a new country, you will need to reach the price cap again to enjoy free data (even if you enter a country on the same day you have already reached a price cap).

International Roaming troubleshooting guide: Connecting to a Roaming network

If you have roaming active on your account, once you arrive in your destination, you should automatically connect to a network. If you’re unable to connect to a network, try these troubleshooting steps first:

How to enable roaming in device setting > Android

Step 1: Tap Mobile networks.

Step 2: Enable Data roaming.

How to Enable Data Roaming in Settings > iOS​

Step 1: Go to your Setting and Turn On Cellular Data.

Step 2: Turn On Data Roaming in the Cellular Data Options

Step 3: Tap the Network Selection and Wait for a while

Step 4: Turn Off Automatic within 1-2 minutes to select the network name that display in other country. Then Turn On Automatic after done select the network.

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