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Our Smart Add-Ons give you the data you need to do what you love. Whether you’re a streamer, gamer, social media surfer or Chinese app user, our Smart Add-Ons give you extra data to do what you love in your favorite apps. There are even add-ons to help with your career and learning!​

​Smart Add-Ons are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, giving you more data for less. There’s an add-on for everyone.​

Packages Plan Fee Data Social Pack Add-Ons Leng Add-Ons Work & Learn Add-Ons Chinese Pack Add-Ons
Daily 19 cents 2.5GB *1708*1*1# *1708*2*1# N/A N/A
Weekly 99 cents 15GB *1708*1*7# *1708*2*7# *1708*3*7# *1708*4*7#
Monthly 3.99 USD 65GB *1708*1*30# *1708*2*30# *1708*3*30# *1708*4*30#
Unsubscribe SmartNas App or *1708*0# or *1200#
Apps Included

Terms & Conditions

  • Smart Flexi250 subscribers cannot subscribe to add-ons.
  • Smart Laor! subscribers cannot subscribe to add-ons when their plan is suspended.
  • The add-ons are for prepaid subscribers only and are only available when their number is in an active status.​
  • The add-ons auto-renew, and the renewal cost will be deducted from subscribers’ main balance. Subscribers can also buy additional add-ons before their existing add-ons expire by dialing the respective codes or visiting the SmartNas app.​
  • If users subscribe to the same type of add-on more than once, the data will be aggregated, and the validity will be based on which add-on has the longest validity. For example, if a user subscribes to Social Pack Monthly and subscribes to Social Pack Daily or Weekly, then the data will be aggregated and remain valid for the duration of the add-on with the longest validity (Social Pack Monthly). ​
  • The data of different types of add-ons, such as Social Pack and Leng, will not be aggregated.​
  • The data of each add-on can only be used for the applications/services included in the add-on package. Once the add-on data has been used, subscribers’ main balance will be charged or plan data will be consumed. ​
  • The data of each add-on can only be used for in-app content; if subscribers exit an app included in the add-on package and access external content outside of the app, their main balance will be charged or plan data will be consumed. ​
  • Smart subscribers will receive an SMS when they have used 95% and 100% of their add-on data.​
  • To check the status of an add-on or unsubscribe from an add-on, dial *1200# or *1201# or visit the SmartNas app.​
  • Subscribers can unsubscribe from any add-ons before the validity expires by dialing *1708*0# or *1200# or visiting the SmartNas app. However, subscribers will retain the add-on data until the add-on’s original validity expires even after unsubscribing from it.​

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