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Smart Axiata’s mission, vision and core values are the guiding principles for making sure everyone at Smart is on the same page. All of us at Smart align ourselves with the company’s high standards and ambitious goals to create an environment that cultivates the right values.

Our Mission
We connect. We make lives better.

Our Vision
To be the #1 and most loved communication tech brand in Cambodia.

Our Core Values

We are open and honest (UI).

  • I uphold the high ethical standards of the company.
  • I am truthful and transparent.
  • I listen first and embrace feedback.

We win big, as a team (EP).

  • I care about what others do.
  • I deliver on my promise to achieve our common goals.

We are courageous.

  • I dare to challenge myself and others to do things

    better and differently.
  • I learn from my mistakes and move forward.

We are passionate.

  • I go the extra mile.
  • I do things wholeheartedly with full dedication.

We are attentive to details to achieve simplicity.

  • With our customers in mind, I think, then I do.
  • I consistently demand and deliver accurate work.

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