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A very special offer for those without a Smart SIM! ​

We’re giving away Smart SIMs with a Copper number (worth 29 USD) and one week of Smart Laor! Data 1.5 FREE to non-Smart subscribers! ​

​Visit any Smart Shop with your promo code to get yours​.

Terms & Conditions

  • Customers must take a screenshot of their promo code and show it to a Smart Shop agent to get the offer.​
  • Customers must top up the new SIM card by at least 2 USD to get the offer.​
  • Only the first week of the Smart Laor! Data 1.5 plan is free. ​
  • This offer is only available to customers who are not currently a subscriber of Smart Axiata. ​
  • Smart Axiata has the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. ​​

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