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These General Terms and Conditions  (“GTCs”) between any user of services (“Subscriber”) provided by Smart Axiata Co. Ltd., a limited liability company established under the laws of Cambodia (“Smart”), whether prepaid or postpaid services, and Smart creates obligations regarding the Services (defined below), which apply to any use of Services by the Subscriber.

These GTCs will apply to both Smart prepaid Services (“Prepaid”) and Smart postpaid service (“Postpaid”), which includes any wireless telecommunications services provided by or through the Smart network (“Network”), including voice, text, data (including content) or other services, and account administration.


  1. These TGCs shall be deemed as the Subscriber’s acknowledgement, acceptance and agreement to be bound by these GTCs when:
    1. Activating Smart Services;
    2. Using Smart Services; or
    3. Signing a hardcopy of these GTCs; or
    4. Clicking to accept these GTCs via Smart Website.


  1. Telecommunication services (“Services”), provided to the Subscriber under the trademark “Smart” are provided by Smart, which holds a due and valid license for the provision of such Services issued by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia (“MPTC”).


  1. Smart and its roaming partners may without notice, change Networks or geographical coverage areas (“Network or Geographical Coverage Areas”).


  • Without prejudice to any other rights that Smart may have, Smart may also apply traffic management measures if any of the following cases occurs:
    • to comply with the legal or regulatory provisions, orders, instructions issued by the supervisory authorities, court and other public bodies;
    • to protect network, end device and service security and integrity; and/or
    • to prevent imminent network overload, mitigate the effects of network overload and where such overload is temporary or in the case of extraordinary circumstances. In this case, the access of certain user groups may be temporarily restricted and/or impeded until the underlying issue has been resolved.
  • Smart may, at its sole discretion, suspend, restrict, or limit Service access for Subscribers who, through their behaviour endanger or obstruct normal use of the Services by other Subscribers. Smart may, at its sole discretion, terminate access to Smart’s network for the Subscribers who have been found and proven guilty of systematic threats to, or obstruction of, normal use of Services by other Subscribers. In the event of terminated access to Smart’s network services, the individual contract (fixed-term or non-term one, as well as pre-paid users) between the Subscriber and Smart shall be deemed null and void. Termination of an individual contract (fixed-term or non-term one, as well as pre-paid users) under the preceding sentence shall come into effect as of the date of notification to the Subscriber by Smart through any of the methods listed under Clause 14.3 above. Notification of Service restriction, suspension, limitation, access termination and/or contract/service termination shall be performed in any of the methods indicated above regardless of the underlying reasons.

SIM Card

SIM Card LifeCycle
  • Smart may provide the Subscriber with a phone number (“Phone Number”) and subscriber identity module card (“SIM Card”) and/or an open telecommunication line. 
  • Only Smart issued SIM Cards, which are required to connect the Subscriber’s device or Smart’s Device to Smart networks, may be activated on the Smart Network.
  • All Phone Numbers and SIM Cards provided by Smart to the Subscriber are the sole property of Smart. The Subscriber does not acquire any right in any assigned Phone Number or identifier for Smart Services.
  • Smart reserves the right to withdraw the Phone Number and SIM Card and to close the account of any Subscriber who fails to top up their number within 90 consecutive days of the expiry of their last top up’s validity. After the validity of the last top up expires:

    • The Phone Number’s outgoing services will be blocked for 60 days.
    • If there is no top up within the 60 days, the Phone Number’s incoming and outgoing services will be blocked for 30 days.
    • If there is not top up within the 30 days, the Phone Number will be recycled and made available to other Subscribers.


  1. Smart will not accept liability for non-conforming mobile phones or other devices used in relation to the Services.


  1. The Subscriber must notify Smart without any delay if a SIM card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. The Subscriber will replace the SIM card and bear all costs incurred for the replacement cost of the SIM Card.
  2. In the case of loss or theft of a SIM Card, the Subscriber will, for any reason, be fully responsible for the usage of the Services originating from its Phone Number and SIM Card until the moment they notify Smart of such loss or theft.

Limitation of Liability

  1. Smart will not accept liability for consequential damages or losses to the Subscriber or any third party as the result of the provision of the Services (in particular but not limited to voice calls, data transmission, and messaging). This includes any disruptions or outages of the Services, or as a result of any changes to the Network or Geographical Coverage Areas.
  2. Smart will not accept liability for any damages resulting from the disclosure of the Subscriber’s personal information to Smart’s third party partner(s). For sake of clarity, the Subscriber hereby waives any right to claim such damages.
  3. Smart will endeavor to cooperate with competent authorities to interrupt, temporarily or permanently, the provisioning of Services to the Subscriber or provide relevant information to these competent authorities.


  1. The Services charged to the Subscriber will be in accordance with the Services chosen by the Subscriber. The calculation of the charges are made with respect to the following:
    1. Voice: both local and long distance calls are rounded up to the nearest minute, unless otherwise stated. Time begins when a call is initiated (for example, by pressing “Send”) or, in case of calls received by the Subscriber, from the moment the call request connects to Smart’s network (which may be before the device rings) until the time that the activity is disconnected (for example, by pressing “End”);
    2. Text: Smart will charge the Subscriber for any incoming and outgoing text messages;
    3. Data: data usage is rounded up to the nearest kilobyte, unless otherwise stated. Applicable data charges apply from the moment a data transmission starts and are measured by the data sent and received by Smart’s networks in connection to such transmission, whether or not the data request is successfully completed; and
    4. Roaming: roaming occurs whenever a device uses another wireless service provider’s network to send or receive voice, text or data transmissions. Roaming can occur in Cambodia or internationally, and the charge for this roaming service will be made upon the actual usage of the Subscriber.
    5. Applications and Games in Google Play, Apple iTunes and other Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) partner merchants.
    6. Digital Content (music, movies, images, books, magazines …) in Google Play, Apple iTunes and other Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) partner merchants.


  1. The Subscriber must maintain a positive balance of funds in its Prepaid Account (“Account”) in order to use the Services.
  2. To add funds to its account, the Subscriber must top up (“Top Up”) its account with a Smart Top Up Card (“Smart Top Up Card”). This is exclusive of taxes. Prepaid funds are valid for a specified number of days starting from the time on the day they are added to the account (“Active Period”). Unused funds will expire at the end of the Active Period.
  3. Expired prepaid funds will be restored if the Subscriber Top Up its Account within seven days of expiry. If the Account is topped up before the existing prepaid funds expire (or are used up), then the Top Up funds will be added to the existing prepaid funds and the Active Period for the Top Up will apply to the combined amount of prepaid funds. Prepaid funds are non-refundable.
  4. Any prepaid funds, which are added to an account on a promotional basis, will have an Active Period of 30 days, unless otherwise stated and are not restored or extended by Top Up.


  1. The Subscriber will pay for the Services in accordance with the GTCs, rules and tariff plans. The money on the account balance is only available for Smart’s Services without any possibility of refunds of payments from Smart. If the Subscriber violates any payment terms, penalties of 1% on the outstanding amount are applicable per month.

Use of the Services

  1. The Subscriber must not use Smart’s Network, the Services, the SIM Card or Smart Top-Up Card for any illegal, unethical or criminal purpose. If, in its sole discretion, Smart determines that a Subscriber has:
    1. Breached the GTCs or any other document the Subscriber has agreed to; or
    2. Used the Services to contribute to any detriment to the security and public order of Cambodia; or
    3. Used the Services to threaten or hinder Smart’ telecommunications Network stability and/or Network quality; or
    4. Used the Services without complying with applicable laws and regulations of Cambodia;

    Smart may suspend or terminate provision of the Services to that Subscriber immediately.


  1. By giving at least 30 days advance notice in writing, Smart may change the Services and the rates charged for Services.
  2. Smart may amend, add or remove elements of the GTCs at any time without prior notice to the Subscriber. Smart may provide the Subscriber with a notice of a change by any means at its discretion, including posting the change on its website, sending it to the Subscriber by text message, or by any other reasonable means.

Entire Agreement

  1. These GTCs and the Application Form, along with any other agreement agreed to by Smart and the Subscriber including service purchase agreement via Smart SIM Registration Application, hereunder constitute the entire agreement between Smart and the Subscriber and will supersede all previous oral or written presentations, agreements or commitments.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

  1. These GTCs shall be governed by the laws of Cambodia. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these GTCs, Smart and the Subscriber shall resolve the dispute amicably. If the Parties are unable to resolve the dispute, either Party may submit the dispute to the Telecommunication Regulator or the courts of Cambodia.


  1. The GTCs Agreement is in English and the English version will prevail over any translation. The Subscriber acknowledges that it has had the opportunity to review a Khmer translation of the GTCs  or going to Smart website.

Marketing and Promotional Communications

  1. Smart may send commercial electronic messages, or call the Subscriber to inform him or her about Smart’s and Smart third party partner’s products and services.
  2. The Subscriber may unsubscribe from telemarketing messages by dialing 1204


  1. If any Article of these GTCs becomes unenforceable, the remainder will continue to apply to the Subscriber and Smart.


  1. Smart may transfer or assign all or part of these GTCs at any time without any prior notice issued to the Subscriber or consent obtained therefrom.


As of July 31, 2021, Smart Axiata will stop supporting Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (TCP port 25) to send emails over the Internet.
Smart Axiata recommends users to migrate their mail services to TCP port 587, which provides higher security and greater protection of privacy.
Smart Axiata is proceeding with the above in order to:

  • Reduce the number of SPAM emails originating from SMTP
  • Reduce the risk posed by viruses

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