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Love to talk? With TalkLikeCrazy, you can chat to friends, colleagues and family with daily minutes for on-net calls, so you can be closer to the people around you.

Choose from two great value options, depending on when and how much you like to call, and get up to 150 minutes of added on-net talk time every day!

TalkLikeCrazy17 Hours
TalkLikeCrazy24 Hours
  • Subscribe
  • Fee
  • Free call

How to use


  • Use the TalkLikeCrazy minutes even if your main balance is depleted
  • Both options are valid for 30 days
  • Receive added talk time each day for on-net calls

Terms & Conditions

  • Daily minutes can be used for on-net calls (Smart-to-Smart) between the hours stated in the deal: TalkLikeCrazy 17 Hours – midnight to 5pm. TalkLikeCrazy 24 Hours – midnight to midnight.
  • You can only subscribe to TalkLikeCrazy if your number is in an active status.
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