How much is the deposit?

30 USD through main balance cut. It is non-refundable.

Can I order at Smart Shops?

Yes, our agent will assist you to make pre-order using our pre-order link. You can also order by visiting our pre-order link.

Can I cancel the pre-order?

No. Once the pre-order is made successfully you will not be able to cancel.

When can I pick up the pre-order device?

You will have 7 days to pick up your pre-order device from 2nd November to 8th November. Pre-Order will be considered void if not picked up within 7 days.

How many units can I pre-order?

All Smart subscriber are eligible to pre-order. However, one Smart number and one ID card can only pre-order 2 unit. If we find you have made more than 2 successful unit, all other pre-order units will be canceled and we will refund your balance back to you.

Can I change pre-order pick-up location?

No, your devices will be shipped to the selected locations for pick-up.

Can I choose not to receive free gifts but convert them into discounts?

No, free gifts are a way to appreciate first owner of the new device line. You will not be able to convert them into cash discounts.

Can I add money to buy better SIM Card Category?

Yes, you can add money on top to receive better SIM card category. For more information please visit our Smart Shop.

Can my relative/friends pick-up my device for me?

Yes, but they must carry your original ID card and Phone Number.

Can I exchange my devices if it is defective when picked up?

Yes. However, exchange time may vary due to devices shortage for pre-order. You can choose to wait for the next shipment arrival or cancel your pre-order and receive your deposit back.

Is this phone VAT included?

Yes, all items sold in Smart Shop is 100% VAT included.

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