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What is Smart Hybrid+?

Our Smart Hybrid+ plans give your employees maximum flexibility with postpaid benefits and the freedom to subscribe to prepaid plans and services on the same number.​

​You can provide your employees with postpaid balance, minutes, SMS and data for work, while they can also subscribe to the prepaid plans and services of their choice to enjoy as they wish.​

Smart Hybrid+ benefits:​

  • Choose from a range of great Smart Hybrid+ plans for your business and staff. ​
  • Subscribers have a postpaid and prepaid balance, so they can top up and get more benefits.​
  • You can pay monthly for devices.​
  • With long-term contracts, you can get the devices for FREE. ​
  • Smart Hybrid+ subscribers can enjoy any Smart prepaid services.

Service features:​

  • Internet data.​
  • Postpaid balance.​
  • On-net minutes.​
  • On-net SMS.​
  • CUG minutes.​
  • Special SIM card.​

Enhance your business with Smart Hybrid+ from only

6 USD/month

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