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Your customers can call you for FREE with the Smart Sponsored Call plan! Perfectly suited to businesses that want to strengthen customer relationships and stand out, you can enjoy loads of great benefits for ONLY 5 USD/month:​

  • Customers who are Smart subscribers can call you for FREE! ​
  • Call customers and build connections with 5,000 on-net minutes/month. ​
  • Send messages to inform customers of special promotions with 5,000 on-net SMS/month. ​
  • Get a FREE special number worth 54 USD or 16.50 USD with the 6 Months or Monthly plan, respectively.​
Smart Sponsored Call
Smart Sponsored Call
6 Months
Subscribe using Current Number (Dial) *1700*215*30# *1700*215*180#
Subscribe using New Smart Number (Visit Smart Shop) FREE special number
(worth 16.50 USD)
FREE special number
(worth 54 USD)
Fee 5 USD 30 USD
Calls from Customers FREE FREE
On-Net SMS 5,000 SMS/month 5,000 SMS/month
On-Net Calls 5,000 min/month 5,000 min/month

Terms & Conditions

  • The MOC duration when you subscribed to Smart Sponsored Call plan is 10 days during which you can still accept in-coming call and SMS.​
  • The Smart Sponsored Call Monthly plan is valid for 30 days and auto-renews every 30 days. ​
  • The Smart Sponsored Call 6 Months plan is valid for 180 days and auto-renews every 180 days. The benefits will be replenished every 30 days. ​
  • If subscribers do not have sufficient balance to process the plan renewal, the plan will be suspended until they top up and have sufficient balance for the renewal. However, when the plan is suspended, customers can still enjoy the free incoming calls benefit.​
  • If subscribers do not have sufficient balance to renew the Smart Sponsored Call 6 Months plan, they can switch to the Smart Sponsored Call Monthly at 5 USD/month via the dial code.​
  • Subscribers of either Smart Sponsored Call plan will receive a free Smart special number worth 54 USD.​
  • Subscribers who subscribe to either Smart Sponsored Call plan via the dial code with their existing Smart number will receive all the plan benefits except the free Smart number.​
  • Subscribers who switch to either Smart Sponsored Call plan from another plan will have their previous plan’s benefits removed, and they will receive their new plan’s benefits immediately. ​
  • Subscribers will receive a notification one day before their plan’s renewal date, upon a failed plan renewal and after a successful plan renewal. ​
  • Customers can subscribe to/activate any services or add-ons with the Smart Sponsored Call plan, including: ​
  • Subscribers can switch from either Smart Sponsored Call plan to any other plan (except Smart WeChat Go SIM, Smart Traveller SIM and Smart @Home). Once switched, their Smart Sponsored Call plan benefits will be removed. ​

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