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Find the right Home Internet by Smart service for you! Whether you’re looking for Wi-Fi for your family and multiple devices or just for you, our Smart @Home and Smart Fiber+ plans have got you covered.​

Smart Fiber+ for Family​

Smart Fiber+ is a high-speed fiber-optic Wi-Fi service that’s perfect for families with multiple devices. Plans start from ONLY 15 USD/month for 20Mbps, and installation is FREE when you subscribe to a plan for 3 months or more.

Smart @Home for Personal Use​

Smart @Home

Smart @Home is the go-to Internet service for personal use. It can be set up in just a few minutes – no cabling is required! Simply plug and play. Plans start from ONLY 12 USD/month for 12Mbps, and you’ll get the router FREE when you subscribe for 2 months.​

Special Promotion​

Subscribers will receive 5 SIM cards with FREE calls between the numbers, 2GB data for their linked Smart number and SmartVIP membership with every plan. ​

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