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Like to stay up late or working into the night? LateNightOwl gives you amazing value data to use between 1am and 5am!

With LateNightOwl, you can stream videos, surf the Internet or listen to music in the early hours at an incredible rate. Best of all, it’s available as an add-on to all Smart plans – from as little as 10 cents/GB of data!

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  • Available as an add-on to all plans
  • Available for all data usage – from streaming videos to updating Facebook
  • 4G LTE at no added cost
  • Ideal for people who work at night
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Terms & Conditions

  • Available to all Smart prepaid customers.
  • Data usage outside of this time will be charged at your normal rate.
  • LateNightOwl auto-renews daily.
  • To subscribe, activate this offer between 0:00am and 4:50am.
  • To unsubscribe, dial *087*0#.
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