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Get more data to browse the Internet, stream videos, update Facebook and a whole lot more with Smart’s SurfLikeCrazy! Get as much or as little as you like, from only 10 cents/100MB of data!

You can get daily or monthly deals, ranging from 100MB to a huge 25GB of data. The more data you choose on a monthly deal, the cheaper it is! Go Smart. Get surfing.

SurfLikeCrazy Daily

  • 100MB/day
  • 250MB/day
  • 1GB/day

SurfLikeCrazy Monthly

  • 500MB/month
  • 2GB/month
  • 4GB/month
  • 8.5GB/month
  • 13GB/month
  • 25GB/month

How to use


  • Available as an add-on to all Smart prepaid plans
  • Available for all data usage – from streaming videos to updating Facebook
  • 4G LTE at no added cost
  • Receive data allowance as soon as 15 minutes after activation

Terms & Conditions

  • SurfLikeCrazy is an auto-renewal service.
  • Your SurfLikeCrazy balance will be removed once the validity period has elapsed. Daily deals have a validity period of one day, and monthly deals have a validity period of one month.
  • SurfLikeCrazy is available to all Smart prepaid customers.
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