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Phnom Penh, March 15, 2016: Smart Axiata and The Asia Foundation are pleased to announce Smart Axiata’s sponsorship of TEKHUB.

TEKHUB is an initiative of The Asia Foundation in collaboration with Impact Hub. TEKHUB aims to foster innovation and creativity in Cambodia through supporting technology startups for positive social impact. In addition to offering physical office space, TEKHUB provides networking and mentoring opportunities as well as business management coaching.

TEKHUB is proud to currently support three local startups: Codingate, a software development company, WEduShare, a scholarship opportunity sharing platform, and Tao Ventures, a social media strategy consulting firm.

“The Asia Foundation recognizes the importance that tech startups will play not only in Cambodia’s economic growth, but also in the prosperity of Cambodian society. Our partnership with Smart Axiata is one of the commitments that we are making to help accelerate Cambodia’s startup community and help to promote positive social change,” Mr. Silas Everett, Country Representative, The Asia Foundation.

Smart currently plays a key role in developing Cambodia’s ICT sector and digital ecosystem. In recent months, Smart has increased its involvement in organizing, supporting and sponsoring initiatives related to technopreneurship and digital startups. The telco leader announced its partnership with Emerald Hub late last year. Just last month, SmartStart, a young innovator program was launched by Smart to enable aspiring young entrepreneurs to develop their tech ideas. This partnership with TEKHUB follows Smart’s support of Asia Foundation’s Let’s Read! E-Books for Cambodian Children program, among other technovation initiatives and events – all of which will contribute towards accelerating digital start-ups and innovation opportunities that are expected to grow in the coming years.

“This partnership reflects Smart’s continuous involvement in digital innovation and technopreneur initiatives towards the development of a thriving digital ecosystem in Cambodia. By utilizing the space and mentorship offered by TEKHUB, we hope it will encourage more Cambodians to sustain their entrepreneurial mindset and to realize their dreams”, said Mr. Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata.

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