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Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications operator Smart Axiata announced on Sunday that the company will stage a virtual concert to raise much-needed funds for Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital and Angkor Hospital for Children as part of its “Rise Together” campaign.

The Smile Charity Concert will showcase top Cambodian artists and shine a spotlight on the incredible work of the two hospitals while raising funds for them through merchandise sales and donations, with Smart offering to match all donations up to 100,000 USD.

“As a company that believes in making communities more resilient, we are thrilled to launch the Smile Charity Concert again amid these challenging times. Last year’s Smile Charity Concert was a hugely successful campaign to raise awareness of the Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation, with thousands of people participating,” said Thomas Hundt, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Axiata.

Smart subscribers can donate to Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital and Angkor Hospital for Children by dialing *2021* and the desired donation amount, with a pound sign at the end. For example, if the subscriber wishes to donate 1 USD, the customer should dial *2021*1#. Concert merchandise, including T-shirts and tote bags, will also be available in six Smart Shops across the capital: Smart Shop Monivong, Smart Shop Nehru, Smart Shop Koh Pich, Smart Shop AEON Mall, Smart Shop AEON Mall Sen Sok and Smart Shop TK Avenue. The fundraising campaign began on January 18, with donations being accepted until the end of February.

Dr. Chan Narith, Head of Secretariat of the Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation, said: “As the pandemic continues, private donations to public health institutions will play a very important role in ensuring the continuation of free healthcare services for Cambodia’s most vulnerable population. Initiatives like Smart’s Smile Charity Concert demonstrate a great awareness of corporate social responsibility and, in this regard, Smart consistently serves as a role model for companies and the private sector in Cambodia.”

“We really appreciate the effort that Smart Axiata has put into raising people’s awareness of how we can help each other with this campaign and especially the virtual concert, which is meant to raise more funds to support the most vulnerable children in Cambodia. We call on the public to make any donations they can during this difficult time,” said Mr. Tep Navy, Chief Operating Officer of Angkor Hospital Children.

With a star-studded line up, the Smile Charity Concert will be streamed live on February 14. The concert is part of the “Rise Together” campaign, which is designed to promote unity among Cambodians throughout the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Smart Axiata’s recently launched Good Citizen Award has been searching for Cambodia’s model citizens who have done the most for their country, neighbor, village or province, with the person ultimately selected receiving 10,000 USD. More details on how to nominate people for the Good Citizen Award can be found at the Smart for Cambodia Facebook page (

For more information, follow the Smart Axiata Facebook page at or visit

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