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“Football builds my confidence and bravery; I now dare to stand up to bullying,” – Syplae, 13 years-old

Phnom Penh – June 1st 2019, Living up to the success of previous years, 2019 proved to be another exciting year for international NGO World Vision and Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications operator Smart Axiata who organized the 3rd One Goal National Tournament today at Smart RSN Stadium. The tournament involved 260 young people, including 130 young girls, from teams of the annual One Goal Program, implemented in 13 districts across Cambodia.

After the successful One Goal pilot at 3 districts (Area Programs) in 2017, the program was scaled up to 12 districts (Area Programs) in 2018 and to 13 districts this year, directly impacting 2,039 adolescents (41% girls) in 2019, particularly the most vulnerable ones. The number will be doubled (about 4,000 adolescents) in 2020.

World Vision’s Senior Programme Manager, Mr. Sarin Say, said “The One Goal Program and One Goal team community is based on the foundation of engaging and supporting as many vulnerable young people to develop positive relationships and gain essential life skills necessary for resilience building as well as in making healthy life choices to reduce risk-taking behaviors.”

The One Goal program will continue contributing towards improving the targeted communities’ quality of life. It also envisions improving the capacity of youth skills to maximize their unleashed talents and potentials.

“Besides being a source of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, football builds friendship, promotes diversity and encourages teamwork. We have partnered with World Vision for three years now as we believe that the One Goal Program has successfully engaged thousands of young boys as well as girls in a wide range of constructive activities and essential skills for the future, through sports. We hope this program continues to create positive impact on our vulnerable youth across Cambodia, said Anthony Perkins, Chief Digital Services Officer at Smart Axiata.

This National Football Tournament is annually held as a closure to that year’s One Goal Program to build, strengthen and celebrate the relationships and friendships among the most vulnerable young people while motivating them to be strongly engaged in personal and community development.

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