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Smart Axiata has embarked on an environmental education trip alongside Cambodian Rural Students Trust (CRST) to raise awareness on the importance of refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling plastic trash.

The initiative was part of The Project R initiative, which aims to reduce single-use plastic in and around Siem Reap, through education, action, and inspiration. A team of 25 Smart Axiata representatives visited Siem Reap to conduct training on the importance of refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling plastic trash.

As part of the trip, the Smart Axiata team members embarked on a study tour around the Pradak Model Village located in Banteay Srey District. Local government officials were on hand to explain the district’s development model, environmental management, and community participation.

Smart also visited CRST’s office to find out more about the plastic education project which is part of the Project R initiative. On July 16, 2022, the 25-person team from Smart Axiata visited the Kean Sangke High School and joined CRST representatives in teaching students how to reduce and manage their plastic consumption and waste.

During the two-day environmental education trip, Smart Axiata donated caps, tote bags, tumblers and study materials to the students to help with their ongoing education and efforts to live sustainably. In addition, the Smart Axiata team also planted and gave a total of 100 trees at the high school.

My Mab, a Project R General Manager of CRST said, “We are very honored to be able to teach others about the importance of reducing the amount of single-use plastics we use we use in Cambodia. We are also very appreciative of Smart Axiata for working alongside us and helping us provide the necessary tools and equipment to help push this initiative forward.”

Acting CEO of Smart Axiata Feiruz Ikhwan said: “We are proud to be working hand in hand with CRST, as promoting and sustaining a green environment has always been a top priority for us at Smart Axiata. We, at Smart Axiata, are also interested to learn about the village development model from Banteay Srey District Officials to see what stakeholders are doing at the grassroots level.”

Banteay Srey Governor, Mr. Khim Finan, said: “We are grateful and honored to have such a highly esteemed company like Smart Axiata arrange a study trip to our district and make a positive contribution to our environment and sustainable development. We also hope that Smart Axiata has taken this study trip as a learning experience as to how we can look forward to a cleaner, brighter future for Cambodia one step at a time.”

Having educated more than 15,000 students in 2021 and 2022 in 31 rural schools in Siem Reap province by 64 educators, CRST is expected to educate a further 12,000 students in 2023.  As part of the campaign, stakeholders also intend to install 100 recycling bins in over 50 schools and universities and provide 40,000 students with refillable drinking bottles and 15,000 reusable cotton bags.

As of now, under the support of Smart Axiata, CRST produced 10,000 tote bags and has been working on producing another 10,000 tumblers and installing 2 clean water filters in a joint effort to reduce single use plastic.

Earlier in the year Smart Axiata was one of the main sponsors of Earth Hour in Cambodia coming together with Royal Government Ministries, local community, youth, public and private entities, non-governmental organizations, media, and households across Cambodia to demonstrate their actions towards a healthier and better future for all. In addition, Smart Axiata is also actively addressing urgent climate issues by monitoring and managing the company’s carbon footprint as part of the company’s efforts to promote sustainability.

For more information on Smart Axiata’s effort on the environment, follow the Smart for Cambodia Facebook page at

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