And now you make your greeting more fun with Celebrity Voice.

Simply choose from a variety of famous voices for your greeting tone – which callers can also use to leave their message in!

Smart VoiceMail
  • Subscribe
  • Subscription fee
  • Retrieve VoiceMail fee
  • Leave VoiceMail fee
  • Use Celebrity Voice fee
  • Unsubscribe
  • SMS ON to 6767
  • 2 cents/day
  • 2 cents/min
  • 2 cents/min
  • 2 cents/min
  • SMS OFF to 6767


You can listen to your messages directly by dialing the following numbers: 

  • Dail 67670 to retrieves the first (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67671 to retrieves the second (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67672 to retrieves the third (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67673 to retrieves the fourth (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67674 to retrieves the fifth (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67675 to retrieves the sixth (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67676 to retrieves the seventh (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67677 to retrieves the eighth (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67678 to retrieves the ninth (latest) message in your inbox
  • Dail 67679 to retrieves the tenth (latest) message in your inbox


  • Never miss a message again
  • Available to all Smart subscribers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM
  • Celebrity Voice function for fun greeting tones
  • Only 2 cents/day

Terms & Conditions

  • *2 cents/min will be deducted from main balance of the person who leaves a VoiceMail.
  • Subscription fee is charged from main balance only.
  • Available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid customers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM.
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