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Smart Card

  • 1

    Buy a Smart Card from a Smart Shop or any partner store nationwide.

  • 2

    Scratch the back of the card to reveal the PIN.

  • 3

    To top up your own Smart number, dial *888*13-digit PIN#.

  • 4

    To top up another Smart number, dial *888*11*receiver’s number*13-digit PIN#.


    Top Up Validity
    1 USD 7 days
    5,000 Riel (1.25 USD) 8 days
    2 USD 15 days
    10,000 Riel (2.50 USD) 15 days
    5 USD 30 days
    10 USD 70 days
    20 USD 100 days
    50 USD 180 days

E-top up

  • 1

    You can also e-top up (electronically) via  Smart Shops, Smart Dealers, mobile wallets and your bank account.


    Top Up Validity
    1 USD – 1.24 USD 7 days
    1.25 USD – 1.99 USD 8 days
    2 USD – 4 USD 15 days
    4.01 USD − 6 USD 30 days
    6.01 USD − 10 USD 70 days
    10.01 USD − 20 USD 100 days
    20.01 USD − 50 USD 180 days
    > 50.01 USD 200 days


    You can e-top up through our partners listed here.

    N. Partner
    1 Advanced Bank of Asia Limited
    2 ACLEDA Bank Plc.
    3 Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank
    4 Jianbian Jianjie China Technology Co Ltd
    5 PayGO SEA (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.
    6 True Money (Cambodia) Plc.,
    7 Whatsbuy Co.,Ltd
    8 Asia Cash Express Co., Ltd.
    9 Aeon Specialized Bank (Cambodia) Plc.
    10 Ly Hour Pay Pro Plc.
    11 Cambodian Public Bank.
    12 Cambopay Co. Ltd
    13 Canadia-Fullerton Mobile Money Plc.
    14 Ezetop Limited
    15 PRASAC Microfinance Institution Limited
    16 RHB Indochina Bank Limited
    17 Sabay Digital Corporation Ltd.
    18 Tranglo Sdn. Bhd
    19 ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd.
    20 Koh Thmey Technology
    21 Speed Pay
    22 Cathay United Bank (Cambodia) Corporation Limited.
    23 Hattha Kaksekar Limtied.
    24 Vattanac Bank Limited
    25 Grab Cambodia – Smart top-up reward
    26 Pi Pay Plc
    27 Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc
    28 Huione Pay Plc


  • 1

    You can also top up online, either by clicking on the “Top up” tab at the bottom-right of your screen now, or by visiting our Top up page.

Terms & Conditions

SIM card lifecycle

For customers who have made at least one top up since the date of their SIM activation:

– If the validity of your last top up expires, your number will enter a 60-day inactive period during which outgoing calls, SMS and data will be blocked.

– Once the number has been recycled, you will no longer be the owner of the number or have grounds to make a legitimate complaint/take legal action.

For customers who have not topped up since the date of their SIM activation:

– If a single top up has not been made during the initial 8 days of SIM activation, a SIM will enter a 60-day inactive period during which outgoing calls, SMS and data will be blocked.

– If a top up has not been made during this 60-day period, your number will be recycled and sold to another customer.

To prevent the blocking or loss of your mobile number, please make sure to always top up before the validity of the top up expires. It’s easy to check your number’s status in the SmartNas app. Download SmartNas here for Android or iOS.

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