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Get a 5% discount on any phone you buy at a Smart Shop to replace your damaged phone from May 5, 2023, onwards. If you’ve lost or broken your SIM card, you can get your old number back on a new SIM for FREE at any Smart Shop too (2 USD top up on new SIM required)​

Terms & Conditions

  • The discount is available on any smartphone at any Smart Shop nationwide.​
  • The discount is available to subscribers of any network operator.​
  • Existing Smart subscribers can only claim the discount for a lost phone if they also transfer their number to a new SIM.​
  • Subscribers of other network operators can avail the discount, but they must get a new Smart SIM card and number.​
  • Subscribers can only avail the discount in a single transaction and on a maximum of two phones.​
  • Subscribers with a broken phone must show the phone to a Smart Shop agent to receive the discount.​
  • The discount will be offered to customers who present a phone that has damage of any kind, including cosmetic damage.​

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