Smart is bringing everyone together with our biggest offer ever – the Smart ThomMorng! plan!

With either the daily or weekly ThomMorng! plan, you can make your money go further for less!

For more information, check our Smart ThomMorng! FAQs.

Smart ThomMorng! Weekly
Smart ThomMorng! Daily
  • Benefit
  • Subscribe
  • $1 = $333
    For the first two weeks,
    we give you double benefits: $1 = $666
  • Dial *1333#
Check Smart ThomMorng! status:
For Smart ThomMorng! Weekly without auto-renewal:

You can also subscribe and manage your account easily in the SmartNas app. Download it now!


  • Enjoy all of Smart’s add-on services from your main balance
  • Browse the Internet more than ever with a huge data package
  • Great value balance boosters
  • SMS notification when you’ve used 80% of your balance

Terms & Conditions

  • To subscribe to Smart ThomMorng! Weekly without auto-renewal, please dial *1333*7#.
  • To check your Smart ThomMorng! status, dial *1333*888#.
  • You can use your Smart ThomMorng! bonus balance for data, on-net calls and on-net SMS.
  • You can add all services and add-ons, including SurfLikeCrazy, TalkLikeCrazy, Smart Xchange, SocialPack Unlimited and many more.
  • Smart ThomMorng! Weekly will auto-renew every 7 days, while Smart ThomMorng! Daily will auto-renew every day.
  • The weekly Smart ThomMorng! plan is valid for 7 days, unless you have chosen a non-auto-renewing plan. The initial two weeks of 666 USD bonus balance will give you more than 16GB of data usage, or more than 16,000 minutes of calls to Smart numbers. The subsequent 333 USD bonus balance gives you more than 8GB of data usage, or more than 8,000 minutes of calls to Smart numbers.
  • The daily Smart ThomMorng! plan is valid for one day. The 50 USD bonus balance gives you more than 1.2GB of data usage, or more than 1,200 minutes of calls to Smart numbers.
  • If you want to opt out of either Smart ThomMorng! plan, you will need to switch to  Smart Flexi1000 or the Smart StreamOn plan. If you switch to another plan, your Smart ThomMorng! subscription will cease to apply.
  • You’ll receive an SMS notification once you have used 80% of your Smart ThomMorng! balance.
  • Once you have finished your Smart ThomMorng! balance, standard charges will apply and be deducted from your main balance.
  • You can buy Extra ThomMorng! Balance if you run out of ThomMorng! balance. It will expire at the same time as the validity period of your Smart ThomMorng! Weekly or Daily plan. Extra ThomMorng! Balance is only available for Smart ThomMorng! subscribers. You can purchase Extra ThomMorng! Balance more than once.
  • Smart ThomMorng! will be available until further notice. Smart reserves the right to modify or abandon the plan without notice.

Add Extra

ThomMorng! Balance

$100 30 cents

Dial *1333*30#

$200 50 cents

Dial *1333*50#
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