Get 40 USD BONUS every time you spend 20 cents of your main balance on calls, SMS and data.

There’s no subscription fee – and you can get as much BONUS as you want, whenever you want.

Smart ThaemOsSteah!
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You can also subscribe and control your account much easier using the SmartNas app. Download now!


  • Get 40 USD BONUS whenever you spend 20 cents on calls, SMS and data
  • No subscription fee
  • Use BONUS balance on calls, SMS and data

Terms & Conditions

  • The 40 USD on-net BONUS will activate once you have an accumulated spend of 20 cents on calls, SMS and data.
  • BONUS balance will last until 11:59pm on the day it was activated. Any unused BONUS balance will be wiped.
  • To switch out of Smart ThaemOsSteah!, you need to switch to another Smart tariff plan. Some switches will incur a charge, so please check the terms and conditions before you switch.
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