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Why choose Smart Fiber+ for your home Internet?​

Super-fast Internet

Stable download & upload speeds

Promotional offers available


2GB data/month for main number

FREE calls between 5 Smart numbers (4 SIMs provided + main number)

Pay 6 months, get 1 month FREE!

How to subscribe to Smart Fiber+​

  • Go into the SmartNas app, choose the plan you want and book a convenient time for us to come and install the service for you. You can also order and subscribe to Smart Fiber+ by calling 010 200 888 or visiting your nearest Smart Shop.​​
  • Simply maintain sufficient balance each month to enjoy uninterrupted service. Plans will renew automatically.​​
  • You can manage your Smart Fiber+ service via SmartNas.​

Terms & Conditions

  • Smart Fiber+ is intended for home use only. For commercial Internet service, please visit our Smart Fiber+ Business webpage.​
  • A month’s subscription to Smart Fiber+ is defined as 30 days. For example, a 3-month subscription comprises 90 days.​
  • New customers who subscribe to a plan for 3 months must provide a deposit of 10 USD for the router, which is leased to customers and must be returned when service is discontinued. The router is leased free to new customers who subscribe to a plan for 6 or 12 months. ​
  • Installation usually takes 5 days once the customer has paid for their service and completed the onboarding form. Installation is free of charge when the direct distance between the customer’s home and a splitter is 500 meters or less and they have subscribed for 6 or 12 months (installation within this distance will cost 20 USD for new customers who subscribe for only 3 months). Customers who are located more than 500 meters from a splitter will be charged 35 cents per additional meter.​
  • Subscribers with an active Smart Fiber+ plan will receive a free 2GB data bonus each month on their linked Smart mobile number. The data bonus is added upon each successful plan renewal.​
  • Smart Fiber+ is a prepaid service. Subscribers must maintain sufficient balance on their Smart Fiber+ number to ensure their subscription renews automatically and to enjoy the service without interruption. There is no top up limit, and balance cannot be transferred out of Smart Fiber+.​
  • To avail an offer when initially subscribing, new customers must top up the full amount required in one transaction. Offers are not available with several partial transactions.​
  • The stated speed of each plan is the maximum upload and download speed.​
  • Subscribers can enjoy unlimited data usage; there is no data cap. ​
  • The four free SIM cards with unlimited free calls between the numbers can be redeemed at any Smart Shop.​
  • Smart Fiber+ subscriptions auto-renew, and the subscription fee is deducted from a subscriber’s Smart Fiber+ balance each month.​
  • If subscribers do not have sufficient balance for their Smart Fiber+ service to renew, the service will be suspended until they top up. Subscribers can top up their Smart Fiber+ balance in the SmartNas app.​
  • Smart Fiber+ is currently available in Phnom Penh and some parts of Kandal. More locations are coming soon. ​
  • Any complaint must be raised through our call center (1204) or at one of our Smart Shops. ​

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