You can also enjoy unlimited calls to other Smart numbers. Awesome add-on services from your main balance. And even share your benefits with loved ones.

Plus you’ll enjoy unlimited data for Facebook, LINE, WeChat, Viber and WhatsApp* on Smart PowerPlus 2 and 8.

PowerPlus 1 1 USD = 150 USD
PowerPlus 2 2 USD = 10GB
PowerPlus 8 8 USD = 40GB
  • Fee:
  • Benefit:
  • Sharing option:
  • Subscribe:
  • Unlimited:
  • 1 USD/week
  • 6GB equivalent to 150 USD
  • OFF Sharing buddy: 0 persons
  • Dial *700*100#
  • Phone
  • 2 USD/week
  • 10GB equivalent to 250 USD
  • ON Sharing buddy: 1 person
  • Dial *700*200#
  • Phone
  • 8 USD/month
  • 40GB equivalent to 1000 USD
  • ON Sharing buddy: 2 people
  • Dial *700*800#
  • Phone

You can also subscribe and control your account much easier using the SmartNas app. Download now!


  • Unlimited data for Facebook, LINE, WeChat, Viber and WhatsApp* on Smart PowerPlus 2 and 8
  • Enjoy add-on services from main balance
  • Unlimited calls to other Smart numbers
  • Easily share your balance with friends and loved ones

Terms & Conditions

  • *Watching videos is unlimited, but videos originating from external sites (e.g. YouTube), will incur charges which will be deducted from your main data allowance.
  • 7-day validity on Smart PowerPlus 1 and Smart PowerPlus 2.
  • 30-day validity on Smart PowerPlus 8.
  • Unlimited calls and SMS are for on-net use only (to other Smart numbers).
  • Standard charges apply if you call off-net (Smart to other network) and on-net calls during peak hours if the 60 minutes/day quota is used up.
  • Unlimited use of voice calls, SMS and SocialPack Unlimited is offered for a subscriber’s private and personal use only. The use through PBX or any other line or device connected to a computer for making a large number of voice and/or video calls and/or sending a high volume of SMS and/or data is not permitted and any such usage will result in suspension of service.
  • Calls are unlimited between 12am until 4:59pm (off-peak hours). From 5pm until 11:59pm (peak hours), 60 minutes is awarded daily.
  • You can share all your Smart PowerPlus benefits, apart from SocialPack Unlimited.
  • Every new registration or renewal will get the following bonus:
    • With Smart PowerPlus 1, you’ll get a 125 USD bonus and 1GB of data (1GB is equivalent to 25 USD). Total 150 USD.
    • With Smart PowerPlus 2, you’ll get an 8GB data bonus (equivalent to 200 USD) and 2GB of data (equivalent to 50 USD). Total 250 USD.
    • With Smart PowerPlus 8, you’ll get a 32GB data bonus (equivalent to 800 USD) and 8GB of data (equivalent to 200 USD). Total 1,000 USD.
    • SocialPack Unlimited is included with Smart PowerPlus 2 and Smart PowerPlus 8, but not with Smart PowerPlus 1. However, you are eligible to purchase SocialPack Unlimited with Smart PowerPlus 1 as an added service.
  • Sharing option:
    • If you use Smart PowerPlus 2, you can add one sharing buddy. If you use Smart PowerPlus 8, you can add up to 2 sharing buddies. Your buddy needs to be in an active status to enjoy shared benefits.
    • You can share all your Smart PowerPlus 2 & Smart PowerPlus 8 benefits except SocialPack Unlimited .
    • If you sharing buddy wants to check their shared benefits status, they can simply dial *700*11*888#.


  • If you want to add or delete a buddy, simply dial *700# and follow instructions.

Add Extra

PowerPlus Data

130MB 10 cents

Dial *700*1#

500MB 30 cents

Dial *700*2#

1GB 50 cents

Dial *700*3#
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