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How do I check my number?

You can use this service to check the availability of your preferred Smart number at your convenience.

1cent per time
How to use:

Options 1 - via SMS Option 2 - via USSD

Send preference number XXXXXXXXX to 775

Example: Send 010345678 to 775

*775* XXXXXXXXX#  

Example dial  *775*010123456#

Private Number?

Private Number allows you to hide your number when making call to anyone. There are two options for you to choose as below:

Description allows you to hide your number permanently when making call to anyone allows you to hide your number whenever you want. Your number will be hidden on selected participant only
How to use To activate: *888*33# 
To deactivate: *888*33*0#
To activate: *888*32#
To show your number when you call, just dial normally.
To hide your number when you call, just dial #31# phone number#     For example: #31#010222345# 
To deactivate: *888*32*0# 
Fee Activation: USD 2
Deactivation: Free
Daily fee: 3 cents/day
Activation: USD 2
Deactivation: Free
Daily fee: 5 cents/day

* When you use CLIR or SOCLIR to make international calls, we cannot guarantee that your phone number will be concealed on the screens of other phones.

How to set up MMS
  • Go to write message: type Phone Model and Send to 886.

For example:

Nokia 6700 send to 886

Sony Ericsson W850i send to 886

  • You will receive three SMS (MMS).
  • All the received SMSs must be Save/Install (rely on phone model) with pin code: 1234.
  • And then restart the phone.
Smart Menu

Smart Menu is a one access point for you to find services and get information easily via your mobile device. 
Using Smart Menu is free of charge!
* Fee of any service activation depends on that service's charge.
How to use:

Dial *120#  and you will see a list of main menu like below. Select the one you like and follow the instructions.

  • Refill and Check Account
  • Tariff and Services
  • Fun Stuff
  • Smart Information

The above 4 main menus consist of more sub menu of all the available services and information, and to check them please reply by pressing main menu number (example: 2 for Tariff and Services) and press SEND. From there you will get an answer of detail sub menu, please select number of your preference menu and reply as previously to get information of your selected menu.

Smart Check Prefixes?

Now all smart subscribers can check prefixes all operators in Cambodia via USSD and SMS with services Smart Check Prefixes. 
How to check prefix:

Fee Check via SMS Check via USSD
- 1cent/SMS for check prefix of operators
- 1cent/USSD for check prefix of operators
Send XXX to 575 *575* XXX #
Send XXXX to 575  *575* XXXX #
Send XXXXX to 575  *575* XXXXX#
Example: Send 010 to 575 or 0235 or 02356 Example: *575*010# or *575*0235# or *575*02356#


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