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The year 2014 marked the fifth anniversary of our operations. Those five years have seen a rapid growth in our network coverage, subscriber base and financial performance as we grew from modest beginnings to become the second biggest mobile operator in the country. As a telecommunications company, we form an important part of the economic and social infrastructure of the country; five years have been more than enough for us to have made a difference on a nationwide scale.

Our fifth anniversary is an appropriate time for us to look back and try to assess the difference and impact we have made on the life of the Nation. This is what we have tried to do in this report. It discusses our contribution to Cambodian society and the Nation’s economic development, through our commercial activities, the products and services we provide and the changing lifestyles they support as well as through our corporate social responsibility initiatives. It looks at how we create value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders and how we can increase and sustain this value generation over the long-term.

Although this is Smart Axiata’s first-ever stand-alone sustainability report, the story it tells is one of a long-standing commitment to be a responsible enterprise with good governance and exemplary triple bottom line stewardship. It describes how we preserve and burnish our corporate standing and reputation; how we continue to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and employees; how we enhance stakeholder inclusiveness, improve investor relations and understanding as well as promote social and environmental sustainability in and through our operations.

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