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When does the round finish?

The round finishes when all the referrals have been successfully redeemed. Hurry up and refer you friends now!​

Can I send money from my SmartLuy wallet to the person I am referring so they have enough balance to do the mobile top up?

Yes, you can send money to the person you are referring. Standard rates apply.

How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many people as you want, but you can only get a maximum reward of 102 USD per round, which equals to 17 referrals. You can see the status of each of your referrals in the SmartLuy mobile app – chase your friends to complete the mobile top up before the round ends for you to receive the referral payment!​

What if the referral round is finished?

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for new referral rounds or other promotions.

Will I still get the cash reward if the person I referred in the first-round tops up in the second round or when the round is closed?​

No, rewards are only paid to the referrer whilst the round is in progress, once the round is finished, no further payments are made.​

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