Pay for music, movies, apps, games and more within the App Store, Apple Music and iTunes. It’s simple, fast and convenient as you simply pay with your Smart main balance. Payments are subject to 10% service fee.

How it works
  • Item price
  • 10% Service fee
  • Final charge
  • 10 USD
  • 1 USD
  • 11 USD

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices displayed in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music and iMovie exclude the service fee. You will receive an SMS notification informing you about the total amount charged including all applicable taxes as well as the service fee.
  • There are no subscription fees for this service. The transactional charges occur only once and at the time when you buy an item.
  • After you bought content from the App Store or iTunes, or made digital purchases with your Apple ID, an email will be sent to your Apple ID registered email. You can also view your purchase history to see a complete list of your purchases in chronological order in SmartNas. Here you can learn more how to check your previous purchase history.
  • Any issue(s) pertaining to apps, contents or in-app purchases after a successful transaction being not borne by Smart and will need to be raised directly to Apple. Here you can learn how to directly report a problemto Apple and how to contact Apple Support.
  • Smart reserves its right to block numbers and/or freeze main balances in cases of detected or suspected fraudulent activities.
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