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The new version of the Pleng app has arrived!​

Listen to your favorite songs in Pleng, now with a completely refreshed user interface, redesigned music player screen, podcasts, music videos and a home screen you can customize to your preferences.​

Support local artists and the Cambodian music industry by listening to music in Pleng. It’s FREE to download and use on any network.

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Benefits of Pleng​

  • Pleng is FREE for everyone – no matter which network you’re on!!​
  • UNLIMITED access to over 2 million international and local songs.​​
  • Earn Pleng Points and redeem exclusive merchandise, such as Pleng T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, wireless earphones and power banks, and other rewards like Pleng Pro subscriptions and data.​​
  • Pleng pays artist​s.
Benefits of Pleng​

New Music Player

The new music player in Pleng is designed for a free-flowing music experience. Users can simply swipe between songs.


New Music Player

Watch Music Videos

Official music videos from the hottest artists around bring you closer to your idols than ever before. Watch creativity unfold in front of your eyes.

Watch Music Videos

Listen to Podcasts ​

Get tips on self-development and insights into industries from leading local figures. Pleng Pro subscribers can download podcasts and listen to them offline too.


Listen to Podcasts ​

Pleng Points

Earn rewards with Pleng Points!​

​Our Pleng Points program is designed to ensure you get the most out of your usage by rewarding you with points for streaming songs, creating playlists and more.​​

​With your points, you can redeem exclusive merchandise, such as Pleng T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, wireless earphones and power banks, and other rewards like Pleng Pro subscriptions and data. ​​


Pleng Points
Activity Points
Log in 400 points
Subscribe to Pleng Pro 100 points
Make a playlist 50 points
Favorite a song or playlist 10 points
Stream a song 50 points
Share a playlist or song on social media 50 points
Be an active daily user  Day 1 - 10 points
Day 2 - 20 points
Day 3 - 30 points
Day 4 - 40 points
Day 5 - 50 points
Day 6 - 60 points
Day 7 - 70 points
Refer a friend to Pleng 500 points
Reward Points Required
T-shirt 40,000 points
Tote bag 50,000 points
Hoodie 100,000 points
Backpack 120,000 points
Phone ring 20,000 points
Tumbler 80,000 points
Power bank 120,000 points
Earphones 200,000 points
1GB Internet data (valid for three days) 15,000 points
5GB Internet data (valid for seven days) 25,000 points
Pleng Pro (one-month subscription) 5,000 points
Pleng Pro (12-month subscription) 50,000 points

Why Pleng Pro?

  • Ad-free experience.​
  • HD-quality streaming. ​
  • UNLIMITED offline listening. ​
  • ​Choose from a range of Pleng Pro subscriptions.
Subscription Fee
Pleng Pro Daily 5 cents
Pleng Pro Weekly 30 cents
Pleng Pro Monthly 99 cents
Pleng Pro Yearly 5.99 USD
Why Pleng Pro?

Terms & Conditions

  • Pleng is available to everyone, including users on other networks.​
  • Users are not permitted to commercially reproduce, distribute, modify, display or make use of the contents of this application.​
  • if users wish to subscribe to Pleng Pro and be eligible to earn Pleng Points. Registration can be completed using a phone number, Gmail account, Facebook account or Apple ID. ​
  • Users can pay for a Pleng Pro subscription via direct carrier billing, credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, SmartPay or redeemed Pleng Pro subscription.​
  • Pleng Pro subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. If a user does so before their subscription’s renewal/expiry date, they can still use the service until the renewal/expiry date.​
  • If users wish to have their subscription automatically renew, they can choose to pay with a credit card or debit card and save their card information in the “Save card info” or “Credential on file” function.​
  • All card information and credentials are securely stored in our partner’s payment gateway. If a payment is not successfully settled due to card expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, we may suspend the user’s access to the service until we have successfully charged a valid payment method. Smart may withdraw any of the payment methods at its sole discretion.​
  • To earn Pleng Points through app activities, users must register for a Pleng account. ​
  • Users can earn Pleng Points and redeem rewards from September 30, 2021, onwards.​
  • Items can be redeemed only while stocks last (quantities may be limited).​
  • The maximum number of points a user can earn in a day is 400 (excludes daily login rewards).​
  • Users can redeem merchandise and rewards in “Pleng Points” in the Pleng app. ​
  • Points have a validity of 12 months from the date they are earned. Once the validity expires, the points will be removed automatically. Users will receive a reminder notification of the points’ expiry five days and one day prior to removal.​
  • Items and merchandise redeemed through Pleng Points cannot be returned or exchanged.​
  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash.​
  • Users must pick up redeemed items at their selected Smart Shop.​
  • Users are required to present the ID card or passport they used to redeem a reward for verification at their selected Smart Shop.​

Refer & Earn

  • To be eligible to receive Pleng Points through the Refer & Earn program, the referrer must have downloaded the Pleng app and be signed up to Pleng.
  • The referrer will only receive Pleng Points if the person they refer Pleng to downloads and signs up to Pleng via the unique URL or social media invitation sent to them by the referrer.
  • There is no limit to the number of people a Pleng user can refer Pleng to.
  • For a successful referral and sign-up, the referrer and referee will each receive 500 Pleng Points.
  • A successful referral is when a new referred user downloads Pleng via the link that a referrer has sent to them and logs in to Pleng.
  • A new user is someone who has not had the Pleng app on their phone for the last six months. If the referee has had the Pleng app on their phone in the last six months, neither the referrer nor referee will receive any Pleng Points through the Refer & Earn program.

Pleng Icon

1. What is Pleng Icon?

  • Pleng by Smart has introduced Pleng Icon to celebrate and recognize Pleng artists who reach streaming milestones in the Pleng app. The Pleng Icon initiative has been created to show our appreciation of Pleng artists who produce songs and content that contribute to the growth of the Cambodian music industry. Additionally, Pleng by Smart aims to inspire young artists to continue working hard and innovating with new music.    

2. Types of Pleng Icon plaques:

  • Pleng Icon Black (more than 5 million streams)
  • Pleng Icon Bronze (more than 10 million streams)
  • Pleng Icon Silver (more than 30 million streams)
  • Pleng Icon Gold (more than 50 million streams)
Pleng Icon

Guideline and Eligibility

  1. Pleng Icon are only available to local artists who have published their content in the Pleng app.
  2. Every stream is counted from the first song an artist publishes in the Pleng app.
  3. Pleng Icon Black will be given to a Pleng artist once they reach 5 million streams in the Pleng app.
  4. Pleng Icon Bronze will be given to a Pleng artist once they reach 10 million streams in the Pleng app.
  5. Pleng Icon Silver will be given to a Pleng artist once they reach 30 million streams in the Pleng app.
  6. Pleng Icon Gold will be given to a Pleng artist once they reach 50 million streams in the Pleng app.

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