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Your SIM card and mobile number serve as crucial identifiers for all your communications, including social media interactions, as well as key activities such as bank registrations and payments. ​

Keep Your Number Safe and Secure

Register your SIM with your complete ID information.

You are only allowed 5 Smart SIMs.

Don’t share your SIM with others.

Checking and Updating Your SIM Profile​

  • You can confirm that your mobile number is correctly and fully registered with your ID by dialing *1202#, calling us at 1204 or clicking on this LINK.​
  • If you notice any discrepancies between your personal data and registered profile, please address this immediately by visiting your nearest Smart Shop or updating your profile in the SmartNas app via this LINK.​
Checking and Updating Your SIM Profile​

You Can Register up to 5 SIMs under 1 ID​

  • ​If you have more than 5 SIM cards, you can register a maximum of 5 SIM cards under your ID, then you must ensure that the rest are registered under the names of the actual users if you give them away. ​
  • Remember that as the registered owner of a SIM card, you are fully responsible for all activities conducted through that SIM card. ​
You Can Register up to 5 SIMs under 1 ID​

Do Not Share Your SIM with Anyone​

  • Never share your ID details or allow a SIM card that is registered under your name to be used by someone else, as it can lead to the loss of access to your social media accounts and other important accounts linked to your mobile number. ​
Do Not Share Your SIM with Anyone​

Your safety and security are our top priorities. These guidelines aim to safeguard Cambodian citizens, including yourself, from falling victim to scams that target personal data while also ensuring adherence to announcement No. 3071 TRC by the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia. ​

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