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What is SmartPay Direct Carrier Billing?

SmartPay, or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), is a mobile payment option that lets you buy digital content from Google Play and other selected merchants using your Smart main balance. You can purchase games, movies, music, eBooks, apps plus lots more. 

Are there any fees to use SmartPay?

There’s no subscription fee and no purchasing fee. You only pay the item fee, plus 10% VAT for purchases from Google Play. For purchases from other merchants, you only pay the displayed price (which includes taxes).

Where can I use SmartPay?

Currently, you can buy digital content from Google Play, Codapay and Fortumo. You can also use SmartPay for in-app purchases.

For a full list of where you can use SmartPay, please refer to our stores and merchants page.

What is Google Play?

Google Play is an app and digital content store available on all Android smartphones.

Do all apps in Google Play cost money?

No. About 80% of the available apps on Google Play are FREE to download, with the remaining 20% incurring a cost. Some apps are also referred to as Freemium apps, which are FREE to download, but have in-app purchases.

What are in-app purchases?

In-app purchases refer to extra content, services or add-ons within an app that cost money. In many gaming apps, for example, you can buy coins or credits within the game to help you progress or gain an advantage while you play.

Is SmartPay available to both Smart prepaid and Smart postpaid subscribers?

SmartPay is only available to Smart prepaid subscribers. 

When will I be charged if I use SmartPay?

You’ll be charged immediately for your app and digital content purchases from Google Play or respective merchant.

How do I make my first purchase on Google Play with SmartPay?

Step 1: Make sure your WiFi is turned off and your Smart data network is switched on.
Step 2: Go to Google Play and choose which app or digital content you want to buy. Press “Continue” and you will be redirected to the “App permission” page.
Step 3: You’ll now see a screen showing “Payment Options”. Select “Use SmartPay billing” to pay for your app or digital content with SmartPay.
Step 4: Your account will be verified. After successful verification, simply enter your name, phone number and billing address and you are done!

How do I make purchases from the selected merchants?

Other selected merchants go through ‘aggregators’. For merchants under Codapay, you can refer to the Codapay Carrier Billing section . For merchants under Fortumo, you can enquire on Fortumo’s customer service website.

How do I know which aggregator handles the app I am buying?

You will receive an SMS notification from the aggregator upon succesful purchase. i.e. for successful purchase from merchants under Codapay, you will receive an SMS from ‘Codapay’.

Do I need mobile Internet to purchase apps or make in-app purchases?

On your first purchase on Google Play, yes, you must connect via your Smart mobile data connection. However, after you have made your first purchase, you can use both mobile data from Smart or any WiFi connection. For other selected merchants, you can purchase using any Internet connection. 

Will I receive a notification after making a purchase with SmartPay?

Yes, notifications are sent via email from Google outlining all the details of your purchase. You can also view your installed apps by going to the “My Apps” section inside Google Play. This section is for active apps that are successfully installed. You’ll also see the list of apps that you have installed under the “All” section. This section includes all your active apps, plus any you’ve deleted.

Additionally, you will receive an SMS notification after a transaction from Google and respective aggregators.

Can I access records of the purchases I make on Google Play?

Yes. We keep records of all your Google Play transactions. Alternatively, you can check your Gmail for purchase notifications or confirmations from Google. These notifications are sent to you in real-time after your purchase.

How do I check my purchases from other selected merchants?

You can call our contact center at 1204 and ask our agent to check for you. If you have just performed a transaction, please allow 30 minutes after the transaction for your purchase to be reflected.

Is there also a price limit when making a purchase with SmartPay?

Absolutely not! There is no price limit on any purchase with SmartPay. 

Is there a limit to how many transactions I can do?

Absolutely not! As long as you have the money available in your balance, you can make as many purchases as you want.

I have bought an app or an in-app purchase but it doesn’t work. What do I do?

If an app or an in-app purchase is not working properly, you can raise your concerns directly with the app developer. Contact details for the developer can be found in the app itself, or in the email notification you received when you made your purchase. 

Will I get a refund if the developer was unable to resolve the issue in the app?

The developer will need to notify Google or the merchant’s aggregator about the refund. They will then need to instruct Smart to process your refund. Developer-related refunds are applicable within 6 months of the date of your original purchase.

I got an email notification after my purchase and I see a VAT disclaimer. However, I do not see the percentage of VAT charged. How much is the VAT?

VAT is charged at 10% in Cambodia. For example, if an app costs 10 USD, you will pay 1 USD on top of the original cost in VAT. In this case, the total cost will therefore be 11 USD. You won’t be able to see the VAT information on your email notification from Google since the email notification is generic and does not include taxes. You’ll only be informed about the VAT charge via SMS after you register with Google Play.

I’m using a dual SIM. When I insert both SIMs, I am unable to make any purchases on Google Play. How can I make a purchase when I use a dual SIM?

Dual SIMs have a master SIM and a secondary SIM. The master SIM is the SIM first registered with Google Play, and is the SIM with which you use SmartPay. This means if you haven’t registered with Google Play and enter both SIMs at the same time, the device will not be able to recognize which is the master SIM. You need to insert one SIM first and make an initial purchase. This will establish the master SIM with Google Play.

You can enter the secondary SIM in your device after your initial purchase, which you will not be able to use on Google Play to purchase apps or content. If you want to purchase using a different SIM other than the master SIM registered with Google Play, you need to take out the master SIM and establish a new connection with Google Play using your secondary SIM while the master SIM is not in the device.

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