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Call up and listen to the latest songs from the hottest artists and decide which one you want as your new Smart Tune!

Songs found with Smart TunesClub can be purchased instantly for both Smart Tunes4U and Smart Tunes4Friends!

Every Smart TunesClub subscriber will also get a FREE 3-day trial if they haven’t used the service before or haven’t used it in the last 2 months.

Smart TunesClub
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How to use

  • To subscribe, dial *987*1#.
  • To listen to songs, dial 987 and follow the instructions.


  • 当您的主要余额低于1美分时,无法激活Smart TunesClub。这意味着除非另有说明,否则无论免费分钟和奖金如何,您都将被收取费用。
  • Smart Tunes Club是一项基于订阅的服务,其有效期为一周。
  • 订阅费为1美分/天。
  • 拨打987的费用为1美分/分钟。
  • 拨打1204然后发送到Smart Tunes Club 987的费用为1美分/分钟。
  • 下载用作Smart Tunes的歌曲每月花费30美分。
  • 激活:拨打智能音乐俱乐部(IVR 987)或致电呼叫中心(IVR 888)并按确认路由至智能音乐俱乐部。
  • 要取消订阅Smart TunesClub,请将OFF发送至987。

Terms & Conditions

  • You can subscribe to Smart TunesClub via any of the following ways:
  • You can unsubscribe from Smart TunesClub via any of the following ways:
  • You cannot subscribe to Smart TunesClub if your main balance is less than 2 cents. Your main balance, not any bonuses, will be charged for this service.
  • Smart TunesClub is a subscription-based service which has a mutually defined validity period of one week.
  • Calls to 987 cost are free.
  • Calls to 1204 and then routed to Smart TunesClub (987) are free.
  • Downloading songs to use as Smart Tunes costs 20 cents/month.
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