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  • 一种有趣的方式来检查你的美眉是否喜欢你
  • 每天10分钟免费通话
  • 订阅仅3美分/天,并且只需5美分/分钟
  • 通话后直接通过短信接收结果
  • 短信开启至877或拨打* 877#并按照说明操作!



  • 订阅LoveDetector,SMS ON至877或拨打* 877#
  • 要取消订阅,短信关闭到877,并在收到后续消息后,短信确定至877。
  • 要检查您的订阅状态,请发送短信至877
  • 要查看每日免费分钟数,请拨打* 877 * 888#
  • LoveDetector适用于所有Smart Prepaid和Postpaid客户。


Why use LoveDetector?

If you are nervous about asking out your crush, LoveDetector is a fun way to check if she/he likes you too.

How does it work?

LoveDetector uses voice analysis by checking the level of excitement and concentration of your crush while you are talking to them.

How do I start using it?

1. To subscribe, SMS ‘ON’ to 877 or dial *877#.

2. Put the short code ‘877’ in front of the number you want to call and dial. Alternatively, you can dial *877# and follow the instructions.

How do I get the results?

You will hear signals in real-time, about 1-2 seconds after the person you’re talking to finishes a sentence. But be careful, as your voice is also being analyzed and the person you’re talking to will also hear corresponding signals if you are stressed or not being completely honest!

Remember, FunLie is designed to find a high level of specific emotions that occur whenever people are hesitant or not telling the truth, but really want others to believe them.

Sometimes such emotions can be detected if the person is thinking about a specific situation, or while talking to you about another topic. That’s why it’s important for you to not take the results too serious, and treat FunLie as a service for entertainment and fun purposes only.

How much does it cost?

The subscription fee is 5 cents/day. You get 10 minutes of talk time FREE every day. After your FREE minutes have finished, calls cost cost 1 cent/minute.

What does the LoveDetector really measure?

LoveDetector measures high and constant levels of excitement and concentration, which signals attraction. This type of feeling is usually present between two people at the beginning of their relationship, before they have gotten to know each other.


Is LoveDetector a lie detector?

The answer here is a big NO. LoveDetector is not, nor does it pretend to be, a lie detector. Its purpose is to check certain clues associated with physical attraction and nothing more. Also, when using LoveDetector, you should AVOID direct questions like “Do you love me?” as these types of questions will in many cases cause embarrassment.


What do the results I see really mean?

The higher the Love Level, the more excited and concentrated your friend was during the conversation. In many cases, you will see that the Love Level is rising when speaking about certain issues, but lowers when speaking about a different issue. In these cases, the Love Level will reflect the emotions of your friend associated with the arousing issue, and not with the real feeling of love.

To make sure that the love analysis is really because of attraction, the Love Level should stay constant throughout the conversation regardless of what you’re talking about.


Can I test my mother to see if she really loves me?

No. The kinds of love attributes that the system measures would not include the feelings a mother has for her child as this type of love does not include attraction. However, if you didn’t speak with your mother for a long time and she is happy to hear your voice, the Love Level will rise.


I tested my wife and there are no love indications. Does this mean that she no longer loves me?

No, of course not. Your wife sees you every day – how excited can she be to hear your voice in the middle of daily routine tasks or while she is working? Generally, LoveDetector is designed to measure a potential new partner with whom you may have had no previous contact.

Loving a spouse may not create the same response as when talking to a potential lover, but this does not mean your spouse no longer loves you.


To what degree can I rely on the results?

As with everything else, common sense needs to be used. Obviously, you will not propose marriage based on these results alone, but they may provide you with information about your potential partner.

Probably the best way to use LoveDetector is when you’re deciding whether to date a person you like or not. Or, whether you want to continue (or even propose) the relationship. It is in these situations that you want to see the high excitement and concentration.

Generally, physical attraction is strongest when you first meet someone you like. It’s only after becoming acquainted with the individual that other attributes become important. Meeting someone new is exciting and adventurous and these feelings are found in the voice and picked up by the LoveDetector.


What are the best uses of LoveDetector?

The intended use of LoveDetector is to help you decide whether to ask for a first date or decide whether to continue with someone after a first or second date.

After those initial dates, you don’t really need the LoveDetector to tell you about your crush. If you still do, you probably need to look at the relationship in a bit more depth, especially as to why there are no ‘signals’. At this point, LoveDetector cannot help you.


Has this been scientifically tested?

There are no academic studies to date that you can refer to as certain academic conventions prevent the experimentation to proceed to the real proof phase. Also, when testing a very sensitive matter, such as love, laboratory testing is known to kill any related emotion.

However, emotions displayed and felt are transmitted via the voice and the proof is simply your own experience. In many cases, we’ve found that the date outcome matched the Love Level indication.

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