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    要充值您自己的Smart号码:拨打* 888 * [13位密码]#

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    要充值另一个Smart号码:拨打* 888 * 11 * [用户号码] * [13位数密码]#


    价率 有效期
    1美元 8天
    5000 Riel (1.25美元) 8天
    2美元 15天
    10000 Riel (2.50美元) 16天
    5美元 40天
    10美元 70天
    20美元 100天
    50美元 200天


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    价率 有效期
    1美元 – 1.99美元 8天
    2美元 – 2.49美元 15天
    2.50美元 – 4美元 16天
    4.01美元 − 5美元 40天
    5.01美元 − 10美元 70天
    10.01美元 − 20美元 100天
    20.01美元 − 50美元 200天
    > 50.01美元 240天
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    1 Wing
    2 ABA Bank
    3 Acleda Bank PLC
    4 Vattanac Bank
    5 SBC Bank/Cathay United Bank
    6 Ezetop
    7 ANZ royal bank (SC)
    8 HATHA Kaksekar
    9 True Money
    10 Sathapana Bank
    11 Campu Bank
    12 PRASAC Microfinance Institution Ltd
    13 Cambopay
    14 TRANGLO
    15 Sabay Digital
    16 Smartluy
    17 Ly Hour Pay Pro
    18 Dara pay
    19 Pay Go
    20 Asia Cash Express
    21 Jianbian Jianjie China Technology Co. Ltd.


SIM card life cycle

For customers who have made at least one top up from SIM activation:

  • – In case no top up after top up validity date, a number will enter 60 days inactive period and outgoing calls, SMS and data will be blocked.
  • – Following the 60 days’ period, a number will enter the next 30 days period when all services will be blocked. The number will then be reused and sold to another customer.

For customers that did not top up in 68 days from the date of their SIM activation:

  • – If not a single top up was made during initial 8 days from SIM activation, a SIM will enter 60 days inactive period and outgoing calls, SMS and data will be blocked.
  • – If no top was made even during those 60 days, the number will be immediately reused and sold to another customer.

To prevent blocking or losing your mobile number, please make sure to always top up on time. It is easy to check your number’s status in SmartNas. Download SmartNas here for Android or iOS.

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