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Why choose Smart Fiber+ for your home Internet?​

Price/month 18 USD 28 USD 38 USD
Speed 30Mbps 60Mbps 90Mbps
Minimum initial subscription 3 months
Upfront payment 54 USD 84 USD 114 USD


How to subscribe to Smart Fiber+​

  • Go into the SmartNas app, choose the plan you want and book a convenient time for us to come and install the service for you. You can also order and subscribe to Smart Fiber+ by calling 010 200 888 or visiting your nearest Smart Shop.​​
  • Simply maintain sufficient balance each month to enjoy uninterrupted service. Plans will renew automatically.​​
  • You can manage your Smart Fiber+ service via SmartNas.​


No. Province District/Zone Available
 1  Phnom Penh​  All Khan, Sangkat​
 2  Kandal​ 1. Prek Anchanh​
2. Prek Ho​
3. Tropang Tnort​
4. Chhviang ​
5. Bat Dueng​
6. Ta Kmao City​7. Svaiy Rolum​8. Arey Ksat City​
 3  Siemreap​  1. Siemreap City​
2. Srok Dom Dek​
 4  Battambang​  Battambang City​
 5  Bonteaymean Chey​  1. Poipet City​
2. Toul Pongror Village​
3. Ou Ruessey Village​
 6  Sihanouk Vile​  1. Sihanouk Vile City​
2. Urban Area Next to Sihanouk Vile Special Economic zone​
3. Urban Area Next to Sihanouk Vile Airport​
 7  Kampong Cham​  1. Kampong Cham City ​
2. Skun District​
 8  Kampot​  Kampot City​
 9  Kampong Spue​  Chba Morn City​
 10  Tbong Kmum​ 1. Soung City
2. Me Mot District
 11  Svay Reing​  Bavet City
 12  Pursat​  Pursat City
 13  Kampong Chhnang​  Kampong Chhnang City​

Terms & Conditions

  • Smart Fiber+ is intended for home use only. For commercial Internet service, please visit our Smart Fiber+ Business webpage.​​
  • A month’s subscription to Smart Fiber+ is defined as 30 days. For example, a 3-month subscription comprises 90 days.​​
  • The router must be returned when subscribers stop using their Smart Fiber+ service.​
  • Installation usually takes 5 days once the customer has paid for their service and completed the onboarding form. ​
  • Installation is free of charge when the customer has subscribed for 3 months and the direct distance between their home and a splitter is 350 meters or less.​
  • Installation is free of charge when the customer has subscribed for 6 or 12 months and the direct distance between their home and a splitter is 500 meters or less.​
  • 35 cents per meter will be charged for each additional meter of cabling required. ​
  • Subscribers with an active Smart Fiber+ plan will receive a free 2GB data bonus each month on their linked Smart mobile number. The data bonus is added upon each successful plan renewal.​​
  • Smart Fiber+ is a prepaid service. Subscribers must maintain sufficient balance on their Smart Fiber+ number to ensure their subscription renews automatically and to enjoy the service without interruption. There is no top up limit, but if a subscriber tops up for 6 months in a single transaction, they will receive 1 month of service free. Smart Fiber+ balance cannot be transferred out.​​
  • To avail an offer initially subscribing, new customers must top up the full amount required in one transaction. Offers are not available with several partial transactions.​ ​
  • The stated speed of each plan is the maximum upload and download speed.​​
  • Subscribers can enjoy unlimited data usage; there is no data cap. ​​
  • The four free SIM cards with unlimited free calls between the numbers can be redeemed at any Smart Shop.​​
  • Smart Fiber+ subscriptions auto-renew every month, and the subscription fee is deducted from a subscriber’s Smart Fiber+ balance each month.​​
  • If subscribers do not have sufficient balance for their Smart Fiber+ service to renew, the service will be suspended until they top up. Subscribers can top up their Smart Fiber+ balance in the SmartNas app.​​
  • Smart Fiber+ is currently available in Phnom Penh and some parts of Kandal, Siem Reap, Battambang, Poipet, Sihanoukville, Kampong Cham and Kampot. More locations are coming soon. ​​
  • Any complaint must be raised through our call center (1204) or at one of our Smart Shops. ​​

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