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Transforming the way brands in Cambodia interact and engage with customers utilising telco data

Smart Axiata, Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications operator and ADA (Analytics, Data, Advertising), the largest data and artificial intelligence company in Southeast Asia have expanded its digital marketing capabilities for brands present in Cambodia through the introduction of two new unique solutions for personalised and interactive advertising. ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart – Mobile Marketing platform is now equipped with new features, enabling brands to send SMS to their customers with rich media formats like images, videos or GIFs, for much more engaging messages. Cambodia’s biggest music streaming app Pleng, preferred by Cambodians because of its rich local content and extensive music library, has also become an advertising platform, where brands can be placed next to Cambodia’s biggest music stars.

ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart, a fast-growing mobile marketing platform powered by telco analytics, was launched in 2020 to connect brands in Cambodia to 7.5 million Smart subscribers and utilizing SMS, interactive voice response, USSD codes and rich media to engage with them. The all-in-one platform utilizes telco data to target tailored customer segments in real time, based on multiple data attributes.

The launch of rich media capabilities is an important milestone as they bring interactions between users and brands to a new level of engagement and appeal. Rich formats are available for Android (subject to availability of necessary handset settings) and iOS (version 14.5 upwards) devices. Direct messaging is an efficient strategy for brands that wish to target their segments directly, with formats that provoke interest towards the products and services promoted.

Pleng has been downloaded more than 4.3 million times in Cambodia, which places it among the newest and most downloaded digital platforms where brands can drive awareness, engagement or acquistion campaigns and connect with currently more than 600,000 monthly active Pleng users. App users are representatives of the young, dynamic and progressive audience in the Kingdom, listening to the largest library of Khmer original music and international music with more than 1 million songs and 10,000 local and international artists. Companies can now promote their products or services using in-app banners and customized own content. Live streams & talk show sponsorships for brands are also in the pipeline and will be launched later in the year.

“16 million Cambodians own 21 million mobile devices. At ADA we are proud to partner with Smart and connect brands with their customers in a way that is fresh, exciting, efficient and relevant. Moreover, with data being at the core of everything we do, we’re excited to utilise telco analytics to craft segments our clients can target through innovative platforms. We’ll never stop looking for new ways to make our customers win,” said Klara Grintal, Country Director of ADA in Cambodia.

“‘Song’ is the No.1 search keyword in YouTube in Cambodia. Thus, with the power of targeting from ADA Reach powered by Smart and the popularity of streaming platformPleng, brands can reach their intended target audiences and place their products/services using lifestyle marketing,” said Sanjid Hossain, Director, Reach and New Products, ADA in Cambodia.

“At Smart, we have been dedicated to building a robust and modern network over the last decade to keep our customers connected and this has really helped us support Cambodia during these challenging times of COVID-19. We are always looking for new ways to introduce exciting products that add value to the Cambodian business ecosystem and our partnership with ADA is a key part of that direction,” said Smart Axiata’s Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Hundt.

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