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Smart Axiata, Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications service provider, has reaffirmed its long-term commitment to Cambodia with the release of its 2020 Sustainability Report, which includes details of the company’s overall contribution to the country’s economy and its digital future.

According to the 2020 edition of its annual Sustainability Report, Smart Axiata paid 95 million USD in taxes, levies and regulatory fees in 2020 while continuing to be the Kingdom’s employer of choice, supporting some 56,000 jobs in 2020, whether directly or through its investments.

The report also highlights that, as of the end of 2020, Smart Axiata has invested approximately 1.88 billion USD in telecommunications infrastructure to connect Cambodia and contributed over 562 million USD in taxes, levies and regulatory fees to the Royal Government of Cambodia since it started operations in 2008.

High on Smart Axiata’s nation-building agenda is the commitment to the country’s digital future with ongoing investments in crucial infrastructure as well as support to Cambodia’s digital startups and technopreneurs. Having successfully trialed 5G at about 20 sites in Phnom Penh, Smart will work closely with the relevant authorities to enable the widespread availability of this exciting technological development and lead the way in the rollout of 5G in Cambodia

“We continue to work tirelessly to help pave the way for Cambodia’s digital age. As the leading mobile telecommunications operator, Smart has made a point of using our strengths and resources and collaborating with the relevant Ministries of the Royal Government to help Cambodia during these trying times. At Smart Axiata, we see it as our mission to continue connecting people and investing in areas that benefit the Cambodian economy – especially in turbo-charging the Kingdom’s digital future,” said Feiruz Ikhwan, Smart Axiata’s acting CEO.

In the Sustainability Report, entitled “Creating Meaningful Connections for a Sustainable Future”, Smart highlights its many other activities that reflect a commitment to being a business that looks beyond profits, including actively addressing urgent climate issues by monitoring and managing the company’s carbon footprint, maintaining the highest level of integrity in all dealings with suppliers, dealers and customers, and supporting local service providers.

The report also highlights its efforts in nurturing talents that not only benefit Smart but the entire nation, especially as the company strives to align with the government’s digital economy agenda by investing in developing and recognizing its employees’ skills through various talent development programs implemented in the workplace and by collaborating with our partners to provide growth and learning opportunities to Cambodian youths so that they can take their place in Cambodia’s digital economy. 

Smart Axiata has also taken the lead in helping Cambodia’s e-gamers to make their mark on the international stage by launching the Kingdom’s largest esports tournaments and partnering with local and international game developers to deliver the games people love over a robust and reliable network.

Other initiatives include the establishment of the Smart Axiata 1 Million USD COVID-19 Relief Fund to support high-impact solutions to the challenges faced by Cambodians during the pandemic, through which 13 different initiatives have been funded so far, the co-creation of the University Major and Career Online Series with the Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSAAC), the SmartEdu Scholarship Program, which has disbursed 300,000 USD in funds since its inception in 2016, and the Smart Axiata Flood Relief Fund, which garnered over 66,000 USD for affected families during flash floods in late 2020.

“At Smart Axiata, we encourage our team to lead by example. It is for this reason that we launched stringent COVID-19 protocols to maintain our day-to-day operations for the benefit of all our customers. We have also prioritized employee wellness by arranging a secondary site to allow for proper social distancing in work operations, and we continue to strictly enforce our workplace safety procedures,” said Feiruz.

As well as looking back at key contributions and achievements during 2020, Smart Axiata’s 2020 Sustainability Report outlines the company’s mission of “We connect. We make lives better” and vision for the future: To be the #1 and most loved communication tech brand in Cambodia by 2022.”

We are proud of our contributions to the sustainable growth and development of Cambodia, our home, and we thank you, our partners, stakeholders and the Royal Government of Cambodia, for your continued support. We will continue to play a key role as a digital enabler and create meaningful connections while enabling a positive and sustainable future for our community and country,” Feiruz concluded.

Visit to download the report. For more information on Smart’s sustainability and CSR initiatives, follow the Smart for Cambodia Facebook page at or visit

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