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Sustainability has always been key to Smart’s business philosophy, recognizing the immense responsibility we have to ensure that our business grows together with our stakeholders and communities. While we continue to be transparent in disclosing our efforts, we have advanced our practices and strengthened our nation-building agenda based on our sustainability framework, in line with that of our shareholder Axiata Group, encompassing elements along our four key pillars:

  • Beyond Short-Term Profits: Creating long-term value through our investments, as well as creating inclusive products and services.
  • Nurturing People: Developing talents while providing a friendly, productive workplace that encourages creativity and innovation.
  • Process Excellence: Consistently improving processes to ensure operational excellence and efficiency, with strong governance and accelerated digitization initiatives.
  • Planet and Society: Implementing initiatives aimed at mitigating environmental impacts and empowering Cambodian society through CSR programs.

The 2018 sustainability report, “Creating Sustainable Impact for the Future”, highlights the company’s sustainable practices and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) metrics, and celebrates our achievements over the last 10 years under the theme “Dream. Believe. Achieve.”

To find out more, visit our interactive web page, where you can download the report.


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