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I can upgrade to 4G LTE it’s easy and FREE.

4G LTE powered by Smart is the fastest internet in Cambodia as certified by Speedtest. I can now experience the fastest Internet with 4G LTE SIM from Smart. Upon changing my SIM for 4G LTE SIM, I get 500MB for FREE per month for 3 months in a row. To change my SIM, I can go to the nearest Smart Shop.

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Fair Usage and Service Limitation Policy

We work hard everyday to provide best quality safe service for our customers.

Smart reserves the right to suspend the Services in the event that the Subscriber’s use of the Services or Devices threatens or hinders Smart’s telecommunications network stability and/or general network quality which includes, but is not limited to, uses that would in any way compromise network security or capacity and/or degrade network performance; uses of malicious software and/or malware; uses that would hinder other subscribers’ access to the Smart network or otherwise adversely impact network service levels or legitimate communication flows; use of applications that consume or use unreasonable amounts of available network capacity; misuse for "spamming" and/or sending abusive, unsolicited, or mass automated communications; unauthorized access to the accounts of others; commercial use involving machine use and/or call center use resulting in, but not limited to, unusually high usage and/or reselling of the Services either as a standalone service and/or as part of any other service where unusually high usage is determined as three times the average usage of same service; tampering with, reprogramming, altering and/or otherwise modifying a Device to by-pass any of Smart’s policies or violate anyone’s intellectual property rights; uses that cause harm or adversely affect Smart’s telecommunications network, Smart’s customers, employees, business, or any other person; or use that in any way would conflict with applicable laws of The Kingdom of Cambodia.
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