What is SmartVIP?

SmartVIP gives me rewards and discounts from various partner outlets nationwide. It's cardless and on my phone, so I'll always have it with me!

How do I become a SmartVIP?

I become a SmartVIP when I top up 5 USD or more every month.

How do I get the special deals?

I have to download SmartNas to check if I have SmartVIP status. If I'm a SmartVIP, I just need to click the "Redeem Discount" button at the partners outlet.

Our Partners


See the complete list of SmartVIP partners in SmartNas


*If you don't want to receive SMS broadcast from us, please dial below activation code:

  • *212*0# if you wish not to receive SMS.
  • *212# if you want to receive SMS normally.
  • *212*888# if you want to check status.
  • This service is free of charge.

Thank you for your interest of becoming SmartVIP Partner. Please help us fill in the following details and we will contact you shortly.

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