Shopping for in-app purchases.

I make sure I update my account payment details in my phone before I start shopping.

Android instructions

iOS instructions


Terms & Conditions

  • SmartPay is only eligible for me if I am a Smart customer that has topped up 18 USD over 3 months and has been in active status for 6 months, before my attempted SmartPay registration.
  • The monthly subscription fee will be auto-renewed automatically. If I have failed to renew my monthly subscription fee, my MasterCard number will be deactivated.
  • The maximum item fee for any of my transactions is 100 USD. All transactions above this will be rejected.
  • If I failed to pay the transaction fee, my first charge failure will be free of charge. My second failure charge with the same transaction will incur a 4 cents penalty fee (if the failed transaction is ≤ 20 USD) and 30 cents (if above 20 USD).
  • Send [STOP] to 999 to deactivate my SmartPay subscription.
  • My subscription fee is 10 cents per month.
  • Send [GET] to 999 to resend my MasterCard info if I lost the information.
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