Smart ThomMorng!

Get the best value deal with Smart ThomMorng!

For data, calls and SMS for just 1 USD/week!

To Subscribe, dial *1333#

Want to add more Smart ThomMorng! balance?

Terms and Conditions

  • To check your Smart ThomMorng! status, dial *1333*888#.
  • You can use your Smart ThomMorng! balance for data, on-net calls and on-net SMS.
  • You can add all services and add-ons including SurfLikeCrazy, TalkLikeCrazy, Smart Xchange and Social Pack Unlimited.
  • Your Smart ThomMorng! subscription will auto-renew every 7 days. If you want to opt out of Smart ThomMorng!, you will need to switch to either Super60, Flexi1000 or Power+. If you switch to another plan, your Smart ThomMorng! subscription will cease to apply.
  • You will receive an SMS notification once you have used 80% of your Smart ThomMorng! balance.
  • Once you have finished your Smart ThomMorng! balance, standard charges will apply and be deducted from your main balance. Your ThomMorng! 333 bonus balance will cover for 10GB data or more than 10,000 minutes of calling to Smart numbers, during the 7 days of validity.
  • You can buy extra Smart ThomMorng! balance, it will expire at the same time as your weekly Smart ThomMorng! subscription expires. Smart ThomMorng! add-on balance is only available for this plan. You can purchase Smart ThomMorng! add-on balance more than once.
  • Smart ThomMorng! will be available until further notice.
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