Smart StreamOn

If you love streaming video, you’ll love Smart StreamOn. Choose either a weekly or monthly deal. And get a huge data bonus just for streaming plus FREE subscriptions to iflix and JaiKonTV!

So you can watch thousands of dramas, movies and TV shows. Whenever, wherever. From as little as 2 USD/week!


For more data, extra StreamOn

Terms & Conditions

  • All subscribers will receive a notification once 80% of Smart StreamOn balance has been used.
  • Subscription fee is charged from main balance only.
  • Once you are subscribed to Smart StreamOn, you can start enjoying your plan shortly after as long as your Smart StreamOn plan is in active status.
  • Smart StreamOn balance can be used for on-net calls, SMS and data and not for any other chargeable short code, Interactive Voice Response or premium number/service.
  • Once you have run out of plan benefits, standard charges from your main balance will apply.
  • Smart StreamOn will auto-renew so long as you have available balance. If balance is not available, then the renewal will process when you next top up. Standard charges will apply until Smart StreamOn renews.
  • Other Smart plan benefits will cease to apply once you have successfully subscribed to Smart StreamOn.
  • Plan benefits, such as SurfLikeCrazy, will be kept once you have successfully subscribed to Smart StreamOn. Smart StreamOn subscribers can subscribe to any Smart service, apart from any other social media unlimited service.
  • If you don’t have enough balance to renew your Smart StreamOn plan, standard charges apply or you will be charged from any available balance you have.
  • To end auto-renewal to Smart StreamOn, you will need to subscribe to another Smart plan. A fee will be charged based on the existing plan term and condition of switching fee. Your remaining plan benefits will be removed.
  • Streaming data can be used for iflix, JaikonTV and Smart Music through the app or web version only. Once allowance has run out, remaining StreamOn balance will be used.
  • All Smart StreamOn subscribers will receive iflix subscription service eligibility for 30 days counting from the date that the plan was activated, regardless of whether it is weekly or monthly.
  • Traveller SIM users can switch to Smart StreamOn but all Free Units of Traveler SIM will be removed after a successful switch. A fee of 50 cents applies on top of Smart StreamOn 2 or Smart StreamOn 8 plans.
  • Subscribers can switch between Smart StreamOn plans, but their previous Smart StreamOn bundled benefits will be removed.
  • StreamOn Extra balances are for Smart StreamOn subscribers only.
  • Smart StreamOn balance charging rate is: 4cents/min, 4cents/SMS and 4cents/MB.
  • Main balance charging rate:
    • Within network: 5 cents/min for off-peak, 7 cents/min for peak, 3 cent/SMS and 2.5 cent/MB
    • Across network: 8 cents/min and 5 cents/SMS

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