Smart Mega Concert - RAIN


Attention all RAIN fans!

Smart is bringing in the king of K-POP, RAIN (Lee Yong Jae).
Live in Cambodia!

Save the date! Be prepared to rock all night long on 30th  March 2017.
Want to get a concert pass? Hurry! Limited concert passes only!

Free to all Smart customers. No pass, no entry.
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Koh Pich


I need to

1 Subscribe to

Power+2, dial *700*200#
Power+ 8, dial *700*800#

2 Download Smart Music


I need to

1 Download Smart Music

Concert passes are available for collection from 10th March onward.

*Note: Smart has the right to reject entry if passes appear fraudulent or once the venue has reached maximum capacity.



Q: Where is the concert location?
A: The Smart Mega Concert headlining Rain (played Lee Yong Jae in Full House) will be held in Phnom Penh, at Koh Pich (in front of theatre). It will be in the same location as the former Smart Mega Concert’s headlining Demi Lovato and Jessie J.


Q: When is the concert date?
A: The concert will be on 30th March 2017.

Q: What time will it start?
A: Gates open by 5PM. The earlier you are, you can get a spot closer to the stage! Concert starts by 7PM.

Q: Can I watch the concert live on TV?
A: You can watch the concert live on SeaTV by 7PM.


Q: How can I get concert passes?
A: The concert is FREE for Smart customers, but we will only be giving away a limited amount of concert passes, due to the maximum capacity of the venue. You will need to show the concert pass to enter. Concert passes are available from today onwards, until passes run out. No pass, no entry!

Q: What types of concert passes are there?
A: The concert will have Premium and Normal passes available. More details will be explained below.

Q: What is the difference between the Premium and Normal pass?
A: The Premium pass will allow you access to the area closest to the stage in the Premium Zone. The Normal pass will grant you access to the area behind the Premium Zone.

Q: How do I get a Premium pass?
A: To get a Premium pass, you’ll need to download Smart Music ( and subscribe to Power+ 2 or Power+8. To subscribe to Power+ 2, dial *700*200#. To subscribe to Power+ 8, dial *700*800#. Once you have done this, you can claim the Premium pass at selected Smart Shops in Phnom Penh. Each Smart number that meets the requirements will be able to claim 2 Premium passes.

Q: How do I get a Normal pass?
A: To get a Normal pass, you’ll need to download Smart Music ( If you are a feature phone user, you’ll need to set one of Rain’s songs as a Smart Tune. Once you have done any of these two requirements, you can claim the Normal pass at selected Smart Shops in Phnom Penh. Each Smart number that meets the requirements will be able to claim 2 Normal passes.

Q: Can I use my single concert pass for more than one person?
A: One pass is only valid for a single entry inside the concert venue. If you want to bring your friends, you can tell them to follow the instructions on how to get their own concert passes!

Q: Can I get a concert pass for my friends?
A: Yes, you can! Bring your friends to one of the selected Smart Shops in Phnom Penh and make sure they meet the requirements for either the Premium or Normal pass. Each Smart number can get 2 passes.

Q: Can I bring my children along?
A: Yes, you can bring your children if everyone has a concert pass for each person. However, children below the age of 6 will not be permitted to attend, even if there is a concert pass provided. Children between 6-14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Can non-Smart subscribers join the concert?
A: This concert is exclusively for Smart subscribers. If you want to get a concert pass, you can go to any of our Smart Shops, and we can assist you in getting a Smart SIM. Just make sure that you bring all necessary documents! For more info on the requirements for acquiring as SIM, please go to:


Q: Is it safe to attend the concert?
A: The concert will be managed by a professional event organizer, with proper security forces that will be able to support 50,000 attendees. We will have ambulance, Fire Bridge and police forces on standby, for any emergencies.

Q: Can I record the entire performance during the show?
A: No professional photography, video and audio recordings will be allowed for this event.

Q: What if more than 50,000 people want to attend the concert?
A: As a safety precaution, we will be strictly following the maximum capacity for the concert. Only the people with valid concert passes will be allowed to enter. There will be LED screens installed outside of the venue for people to enjoy if they cannot enter the concert grounds.

How can I listen to RAIN songs?

Q: How can I set his songs as Smart Tunes?
A: There are two ways to set Rain’s songs as your Smart Tunes. You can dial *987# and select Artist of the Month. From the menu, you can select your favorite songs and set them as Smart Tunes (from 9th March onwards). You can also send [song code] to 855.

Q: What are the Rain’s Smart Tunes song codes?
A: The Smart Tunes song codes are listed below.

CRBT Code Name Artist
771129 30Sexy RAIN
771130 La Song RAIN
771131 Marilyn Monroe RAIN
771132 Where are you going Oppa RAIN (feat. Hyuna)
771133 The best present RAIN

Q: Where can I listen to his songs?
A: You can listen to Rain’s songs on Smart Music. You just need to do the following:
Step 1: Search ‘Smart Music KH’ on Google Play or App Store. Download Smart Music KH. You can also go to this link:
Step 2: Enter your Smart number and type in the code you receive via SMS. You can listen to Rain songs anytime, anywhere!


*Note: Smart reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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