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Phnom Penh, November 23, 2020 – Smart Axiata is encouraging Cambodians from all walks of life to help each other in its new campaign “Rise Together”, which is intended to promote unity among Cambodians throughout the country.

With Cambodians facing hardships from the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent impact of devastating floods, Smart Axiata is taking the lead in promoting togetherness as a way to tackle the challenges.

A dedicated campaign video about the lotus flower, which grows in the darkness and keeps pushing through until it is ready to bloom, has been created to help promote the campaign concept that Cambodians should support and inspire each other so we can rise together as a nation. Along with the video, the campaign will have its own song – featuring Pleng by Smart artists – and include fund-raising initiatives, entertainment programs, a Good Citizen Award designed to find Cambodia’s most helpful, modern citizen, and various CSR (corporate social responsibility) drives.

The CEO of Smart Axiata, Thomas Hundt, said: “This year is unlike any we have experienced before. Now more than ever, it is important for Cambodians to stay connected to one another and keep believing in each other. With everybody working together, we can be strong and overcome the various challenges that Cambodia is currently facing. That is why we at Smart are once again taking the lead through our “Rise Together” campaign which we are confident will help all Cambodians and the nation as a whole.”

The campaign song “Rise Together”, produced by Smart, was written and musically produced by DJ Chee in collaboration with Pleng artists. Smart users will also be able to set this song as their Smart Tunes for free.

The Good Citizen Award, which is currently being finalized, calls upon Cambodians to nominate people who have gone above and beyond to help others. The initiative aims to highlight the selflessness of ordinary Cambodians in their interactions with friends, neighbors and others in their community.

“This is a campaign that all Cambodians can take part in for the good of their compatriots and country,” Thomas added. “We call all Cambodians to get behind this concept and to take part.”

Smart Axiata’s “Rise Together” campaign will start on the 23rd of November 2020 with the release of the “Rise Together” campaign video and song.

For more information, follow Smart’s Facebook page at or visit

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